Amouranth Likes Kim Kardashian's Controversial Opinion

Amouranth agrees with Kim Kardashian on an opinion that has the internet in a state of outrage.

Amouranth kim kardashian
Amouranth and Kim Kardashian agree. | © Amouranth via Twitch (left) / Kim Kardashian via Twitter (right)

Controversy seems to never escape Amouranth, much as it never seems to escape Kim Kardashian. The latter has recently been embroiled in drama between Kanye and Pete Davidson - something that a certain YouTuber desperately wants to help with - and the former has recently been selling her farts. Yeah, the internet is a weird place, isn't it?

Now, it seems that they are tag-teaming some rather... let's just say "unnecessary" drama. Kim Kardashian has been telling women to "Get your f--king ass up and work", and good ol' Amouranth is coming out in support of just that. Oh, and she also came to Kim's support, saying that having rich parents isn't as easy as people think it is.

I am going to be honest: I'm not going to support what she says, in fact, I seriously disagree with her on this one. But hey, peeps are gonna think what peeps are gonna think, so I'm also not going to get mad. I also can't really talk... you know, straight white man and all that? Not really my place. What will I do, though? Let you know what she said, of course...

So Amouranth Agrees With Kim Kardashian

Apparently Amouranth actually agrees with Kim Kardashian's "get up and work" mantra. She's dedicated to it, too revealing that she actually believes that Kanye West's former wife has actually had a harder life than everyone thinks. Yes, it seems a bit bizarre, but yet again... we're on the internet people, what do you expect?

Even in the top echelons of the most highly competitive fields, work ethic still gives an edge. Consistency counts... If you can do the bohemian thing while maintaining consistency and work ethic you’ll literally change the world, mould it to your vision.

Now, Amouranth is certainly not technically wrong, but that doesn't mean that what she is saying is very helpful. Yes, hard work and consistency is definitely important if you want to be successful, but that is only half of the story. The biggest problem with Kim Kardashian's opinion here was that it ignores all sorts of economic factors that people should really be taking into account.

In a lot of cases people can't work, perhaps they have lost their job due to Covid, have health problems, or have a legit reason for their poverty. It doesn't all come down to people being lazy or anything, that's a bit of a silly thing to say if you ask me. What's a little less silly, though, is the comparison she draws between herself and Kim Kardashian.

Amouranth is Similar to Kim Kardashian (in some ways...)

Amouranth continued to compare herself, on Twitter, to Kim Kardashian, saying that whilst they had different upbringings, there were some real similarities. Talking about opportunities to "build my confidence", she talked about how she has built her wealth and success over the years.

I was born quite poor not just re western standards (nuclear family had a negative networth for my entire childhood+adolescence) but that made every win along the way a moment to savor, and a marker to help light my way. It was an opportunity to build my confidence.

If you’re willing to bruise your ego, believing you can do something always gives you better odds than believing the world is stacked against you. The downside is, you’ll bruise ur pride a lot, and endure a lot of egg on your face if you take the better odds. That’s just the price you pay.

It's kind of hard to relate to these kinds of opinions, of course, but that doesn't mean she is entirely wrong. Instead of being mad, maybe internet peeps should think of it as an individual expressing their own perspective, based on their context and life. It might be a little short-sighted, especially from someone who is worth millions, but it's nothing worth getting you knickers in a knot over.