Valkyrae Announces YouTube's Gifted Memberships

Valkyrae just announced that YouTube would be adding a new feature with which fans can gift memberships to one another.

Time to gift some memberships! | © 100 Thieves/Valkyrae

With more and more streamers leaving Twitch for their competitor YouTube, the latter is preparing to become and more streamer friendly by adding new features and evolving the platform to attract even more content creators.

The most recent to switch was none other than Sykkuno, a good friend and roommate, of whom we're going to talk about today in this article — Valkyrae. But don't worry guys, for once this isn't a scandal article, but something positive... wow you don't see that often in our entertainment category, eh?

ValkyRae Announced Youtube's Gifted Membership Beta

On May 10, 2022 Valkyre tweeted out that YouTube would kick off it's beta versioon of gifted channel memberships. This isn't something new, gifting subs has been a part of Twitch for a while and it seems with more and more streamers switching to YouTube, the Google owned content website is creating more features to help content creators.

When Will the Beta Start?

The beta is going to start on May 11, 2022. Unfortunately, this is a very small beta exclusively for YouTube streamers Valkyrae, CouRage and TimTheTatMan. All three made announcements and shared the information regarding the upcoming beta.

This feature has been teased and talked about for a while already. The Alpha was announced back in February 2022 already, so fans knew this feature was coming.

What is Gifting Memberships?

Users will be able to purchase memberships to their favorite content creators and gift these to their friends. This way, you can contribute to your favorite streamer, as well as have a present ready for a friend as well.

Of course, gifting memberships isn't the only way YouTube is improving its platform. Raids and hosting other streams are also going to be implemented onto the site, which will help out smaller creators as well.