Is Sykkuno Leaving Twitch After "That" Emotional Stream?

Sykkono emotionally thanked fans at the end of his "National Sykkuno Day" Stream. Could he be leaving Twitch?
Sykkuno leaving twitch
Is Sykkuno on his way out? | © Sykkuno via Twitch

Sykkuno finished off his "National Sykkuno Day" stream with an emotional thank you to his fans, but now those same fans are concerned that the goodbye was also a farewell to Twitch. However bizarre the idea of a national day for a Twitch streamer is, it would certainly be a huge change if he did make this shift.

So what's the deal? Why would we think this? It surely couldn't be just because he was emotional, could it? Well, no. We're about to get into that. What we will do first, though, is justify his emotion. How? Well, let's explain it this way: Sykkuno got smashed by incredibly positive and loving comments when the stream was nearing its end. That would make you pretty emotional too, wouldn't it?

This 30-year-old streamer has an incredibly devoted and loyal fanbase, and as a member of the "Amigops", he has been a Twitch powerhouse for quite some time. It would be a real shake-up for him to leave, so we hope that he won't, but to be honest Sykkuno could probably continue his magic on YouTube anyway!

So is Sykkuno Leaving Twitch?

There are many rumors circling that suggest that Sykkuno might be leaving Twitch, but there is no legitimate evidence to suggest such a move. In other words, it's all social media drama.

Speaking of emotion, here's a little taste of that emotional finale:

Thanks a bunch to my friends, guys, for making my stream great and for making me want to stream even more, actually...

Hey, wait... didn't he say "making me want to stream even more, actually"? Okay, so why the actual fork would people think this means he is quitting streaming? Honestly, that makes so little sense that I am sure all of you crazy readers out there are laughing your little butts off right now!

So... yeah... Sykkuno is probably not leaving Twitch, and is certainly not quitting streaming. It legit makes no sense, and all of y'all over on Reddit going nuts over this rumor? Come on! It might make sense that he would move to YouTube, lots of people are, but he won't be quitting streaming altogether that's for sure. Maybe he's just moving to YouTube...