Double Standards on Twitch: You Can Smash on Stream Now

The hot-tub-meta on Twitch has been controversial since it started in March 2021, even more so because hot-tub streamers seemed to get away with things others would get banned for. Such double standards, much wow.

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Not everybody can do on Twitch what Amouranth can | © Twitch/Amouranth; Twitter/Sara Heart

[Update 05.09.2022]

It's official now, Twitch streamer kimmikka_ got unbanned for having sex on stream after just 7 days. This one is just insane! I'm probably not the only one who expected her to get permabanned for this, right? People get banned way longer for accidentally showing nudity on screen, for even a split second.

You can also get banned for being a misogynistic piece of donkey poo:

I mean, even though you don't see nudity or explicit body parts in the clip, it is pretty obvious, what she was doing. So how come she didn't get a permaban?

Kimmikka sure wasn't a popular streamer before the "accident", with 231 followers, but that number has doubled now. Her getting smashed on screen only made her more famous, and helped her channel grow. Because she got away with such a light punishment, other streamers might try something similar now.

This might not be that bad, but it's still kinda sexual:

This just adds more reason for streamers to be unhappy with the transparency of Twitch's decisions, and I understand why. If Twitch isn't more careful in the future, they might lose their content creators to other platforms.

[Update 26.08.2022]

Bro, this is just... I don't know what to say! So there was a streamer on Twitch that had sex live on stream and got banned for 7 days! There are clips of it, and you see pretty much everything in the reflection on the window behind her. People get banned indefinitely if they just stream a freaking fishing game with a cleavage! WTF Twitch??

I mean, she said it was a drunken accident, but no way! She even got a stream notification, had her headset on and was looking at the screen a couple of times. There is just no way you can convince me she didn't know. She probably didn't know about the naked dude behind her trying to avoid the camera as much as possible, either, right? Some things just deserve a perma-ban and I would count smashing on stream as one of those.

Twitch really gotta review their ban criteria and how they decide how long the ban is going to last. There is just no way this warrants a 7-day ban, and playing a fishing simulator gets you banned indefinitely. Otherwise, some streamers are just gonna do stuff like that to promote their OnlyFans and continue on Twitch as well.

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You all probably know Amouranth by now. When it comes to what is allowed and what isn't on Twitch, there is no one who walked the tight rope as well and as much as she did. She proved her balancing skills when she beat Indiefoxx and became the queen of the hot-tub-meta.

We had the chance to ask Amouranth a few questions, it went ... well, see it for yourself:

But why are these hot tub streams okay when others get banned for seemingly no reason or by mistake?

Hot Tub Streams: The Double Standards on Twitch

This has been a problem for a while now! Streamers get banned for accidentally showing nudity for a split-second on screen, while others are allowed to ride a banana in a small bikini. There is a clear distinction between the two because only one of them did it intentionally.

If you don't know about the hot tub streams on Twitch, you can read more about it here:

So why is sexually suggestive content okay as long as you are close to a small inflatable hot tub? Streamers have been calling out Twitch, because of these double standards, for a while now, and nothing happened.

How absurd Twitch's double standards are recently became even more obvious as the Streamer ih3artpew got banned for sexually suggestive content while playing Ultimate Fishing. I mean, yeah, her cleavage was bigger than my future, but is that really enough to ban her 3 minutes into her stream?

In her Tweet she even mentions that her stream is labeled 18+ because of some topics she covers and the language she uses. So yeah, not really justified I'd say, but I guess it would have been fine, if she was sitting in a hot tub, wearing a bikini.

Why Is Twitch Doing This?

All I can do is speculate, but if I had to guess, hot tub streams are allowed because they give Twitch an excuse to allow Tittie-Streamers on the platform without breaking their own rules. They can feed horny teenagers with sexy content without labeling it as sexual content.

But why ban others like ih3artpew so randomly, without any real reason? That's the better question. Maybe Twitch is just randomly picking streamers that are borderline sexual without crossing the line and banning them, so the lines don't get too wacky. It's like a power move to show streamers who's boss so they are more careful about the TOS.

Twitch needs to be a little more transparent with its creators, or otherwise they might leave for other platforms.

Frankly, we don't know for certain, but this explanation kinda makes sense, to explain the double standards on Twitch.