Hot Tub Twitch Streams: Perfectly Fine or Perfectly Shameless?

Twitch hot tub streams
Hot tub Twitch streams have become a hot topic on Twitter. (Credit: Sozzlepopp via Twitch)

Have you noticed the new meta on Twitch? No, it's not Valheim streams. It's hot tub streams! They are exactly like they sound: streamers in a hot tub, dressed in next to nothing. Some people have an issue with that and a discussion quickly formed on Twitter. Are hot tub streams bad?

Twitch streamers have been tiptoeing around nudity regulations on the platform since forever. While we've had a billion discussions around Twitch bans and regulations and how uneven they are, there's rarely been a whole trend that just needs to be brought up.

What Are Hot Tub Streams?

The concept is exactly what it sounds like: Twitch streamers broadcasting from their hot tubs. Which may be hot or cold, but likely hot, hence why they're called hot tub streams.

Twitch has a nasty history of bans, most recently the Ryan Higa mistake, most of which has centered around streamer wardrobes and the amount of skin they're allowed to show on the platform. You can see why some voices have raised their concern over Twitch's policies and how they align with hot tub streams. As usual, the show went down on Twitter.

Is Twitch Being Hypocritical?

There are many sides to this topic. On one hand are the streamers, on the other - Twitch. Who's actually to blame for hot tub streams, and should anyone be blamed at all? Let's say there are varying opinions on the matter aaand most of them seem to confuse what they want to hear with what's actually being said.

Here's how it all started:

A bunch of folks took it as an attack on women:

Others as an attack on their gf:

Many just took random shots at OP:

There is the other side of the coin which pretty much sums up the whole point of OP:

Everyone is defending the women in those tubs instead of focusing on the issue at hand, which is that Twitch shouldn't be a platform for half-naked girls posing in a jacuzzi. If it wants to be that, then it should disclose it and stop banning people for having a pic of their GF in a t-shirt on the wall.

Girls in a jacuzzi are fine. But should it be on Twitch? Hell to the nah, as long as the site wants to present itself as a gaming platform.

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