Trainwrecks Accuses Top Streamers of Relying on Viewbots

Trainwrecks just went on a great rant, and he had some very revealing things to say about the most popular streamers in the world. He claims that 90% of the top streamers use "viewbots" to artificially inflate their numbers.

Trainwreckstv twitch
Trainwrecks has accused top streamers of relying on bots! | © Trainwrecks via Twitch

Trainwrecks is a gambling streamer who recently departed Twitch to make his own platform. He claimed that his new service was going to revolutionize the industry, but so far all it's done is further the tension between himself and other top streamers like Pokimane. So what should you do when your business is failing and your contemporaries beginning turning against you? Accuse them of relying on bots.

Trainwrecks Makes Viewbot Accusations

Without actually naming anyone specific, Trainwrecks accused the top 90% of streamers of using viewbots to inflate their numbers. Here's the clip in question:

I am under the impression... confidently, that in the top 100, at least 90 out of a 100 are not only blatantly viewbotting, but we're talking massively viewbotting. Because you can't tell at that point, right"

But how does he know this? Well, it's not just a baseless accusation, he does actually claim to have evidence. Trainwrecks has apparently gained access to the back-end of Twitch, and he can see what percent of a channel's viewership is made up of "logged-in" viewers. These are viewers who are already browsing Twitch, and then switch across to a channel to watch. These "logged-in" viewers are generally assumed to be real people and not bots. Now, Trainwrecks claims that his viewers are 99% logged-in users, whereas other streamers range from only 45-85%.

It's not the strongest evidence because we can't see the data ourselves, we don't know if he's telling the truth about his own "logged-in average", and we can't even be sure that all the non-logged-in users are viewbots. But hey, it's better that he's basing this on something rather than just accusing them out of thin air. It does also seem a little desperate, though.

Why not forget all this toxicity for now, enjoy some Christmas gaming instead...

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