Pokimane: Trainwrecks and Gambling Streams Have to Be Stopped

Trainwreckstv poikimane gambling streams
Poki takes down Train! | © Twitch

Gambling streams have the Twitch community fiercely divided you either tune in to savor in the degeneracy or preach that they are a gateway to gambling addiction. Pokimane has weighed in and completely wrecks Trainwrecks with her based take on sponsored gambling streams.

Streamers like xQc, Trainwrecks, and Adin Ross are being paid huge sums of money to play sponsored gambling streams on casino websites. The problem with gambling streams is that they promote gambling to minors who often frequent Twitch with or without parental consent. Many top streamers have denounced these streams and Pokimane now joins the ranks against gambling streams or Gamba Streams as xQc and others fondly refer to them as.

How does Trainwrecks Defend his Gambling Streams?

Trainwrecks defends his Gamba streams by insisting when he loses money, he acts as “a great example of why you shouldn’t gamble.” This is a somewhat flawed argument because he is being paid by the gambling websites and also making money off Twitch at the same time so is he really “losing” anything at the end of the day?

Pokimane speaks out and takes down Trainwrecks in this Twitch clip.

Pokimane delivers Trainwreks a finishing blow by saying:

As much as you want to say that the tactics and precautions you do prevent people from gambling, ultimately you are losing people money, and the proof is in the check you get every month.

Pokimane lays it out, and you cannot deny that she is right.

Frankly, gambling addiction is a very serious problem, it is on the same level as drug addiction, and you would never see a streamer shooting up on Twitch, so why do they get to gamble? This topic is extremely controversial as these gambling streams are promoting gambling to anyone who has the ability to open a Twitch browser, so where is the line? Pokimane now joins a long list of streamers who are asking Twitch to put a stop to gambling streams, and this would be wise to do before the US government steps in.

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