Asmongold: Twitch Needs to Ban Gambling Streams

Asmongold twitch gambling streams
Asmongold wants Twitch to do away with gambling streams. | © Asmongold

Asmongold wants to remind us that hot tubs and ASMR licking aren't the only metas unfit for Twitch. According to the WoW legend, the site needs to shut the door for gambling streams, full stop.

Asmongold is Demetrious Johnson's favorite streamer for a good reason. The man, in addition to creating interesting content, says it how it is. In the latest episode of "Asmongold spits the truth", he went after gambling streams.

Asmongold Says Twitch Gambling Streams Need to Stop

We are so busy thrashing the hot tub meta and the ASMR meta that we completely forget about anything else. See, we're not excluding ourselves from the club of chasing trends. It's a blessing that we have guys like Asmongold to point a finger at issues on the platform that do not involve half-naked people, but are equally, if not more, dangerous for the audience.

By now it should be quite clear what we, or rather Asmongold, is talking about: gambling streams.

Let's dissect this statement. Asmongold is bringing the hot tub, ASMR and sexual content logic to the gambling genre - the vague rules Twitch imposes will inevitably lead to trouble. But while the sex content mostly leads to streamers and viewers bickering about it, gambling streams could lead to actual legal trouble.

As Asmongold pointed out, EU gambling laws are much harsher than in the US, and walking that line could end up in disaster. Twitch is already facing problems on that front, as Slovakia unofficially banned the site yesterday as repercussion for a single Slovakian streamer engaging in gambling. There's a huge possibility that's the reason Zack brought the issue today out of all days.

There is another side to this that Asmongold did not himself tackle, but a thoughtful Twitter user did in response to his original post.

Take the Trainwrecks name-drop away if you please, and the above comment is still spot on. Gambling is an addiction that needs to be taken seriously and discouraged at every stop. If Amouranth licking a microphone could ruin the kids, Trainwrekcks gambling away because he can afford it could ruin an adult that cannot.

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