Among Us Tier List – Which Streamer Is The Best Impostor?

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Image credit: pengukim via YouTube

After its explosion in popularity and massive increase in player base, Among Us has been the word of mouth of everyone in the gaming sphere. There have been several tries to make a competitive title out of the game, with tournaments where the best players play against each other for a good prize pool, so if this is going to become a thing, it is only fair to have an Impostor tier list of who WE think is the best of the best. Are you ready for it?

This tier list will be based on the win rate of players playing as Impostors and the quality of the games they provided when they were the Impostors. The players included in the tier list will be the ones you will find in the popular lobbies we all watch on YouTube/Twitch.

Here are the Top 5:

5. Corpse Husband

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Image credit: twitter/Corpse_Husband

Corpse has been a big name lately, reaching over 100k average viewers on his YouTube streams, having people simp over his voice. We, however, are here for his astonishing Impostor gameplay.

The best things about him as an Impostor is that people get all starry-eyed around him because of his deep voice. His playstyle usually involves really bold moves, that usually make crewmates fight between themselves for a kill that none of them did.

Based on stats, he has one of the best winrates as an Impostor in the ranked lobbies.

4. penguinz0

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Image credit: YouTube/penguinz0

Mister Cr1TiKaL, widely also knows as Charlie or penguinz0,is one of the most cheesy players in Among Us.

Some of his moves became meta that most players started using such as the AFK strat where you are afk in the first 1/2 rounds, then do a kill or two and then stay AFK again and make people think there's a really low chance of you being the Impostor. Quite devious.

3. Trainwreckstv

Trainwreckstv twitch
Image credit: Trainwreckstv via Twitch

If you ask random fans who follow the famous Among Us streams "Who do you think the best Impostor is?", the majority will point you towards Train.His famecomes from the countless clutch games where he won in the end. He even has games that people actually remember and try to copy!

Train is known for his 3-man situations both as Impostor and Crewmate, and his wonderful stories with pathing that actually make sense. He'll make you believe him even though he just slaughtered 2 people in the Navigation area.

2. DisguisedToast

Disguised toast hearthstone return hong kong
Image credit: DisguisedToast via Twitch

Toast is hands down the best all-around Among Us player that is widely known for being a really good Crewmate but also one of the best Impostors in the game.

People are always afraid of his Big Brain plays as Impostor where sometimes he gets voted out as a Crewmate just because people are paranoid over his smart plays in the past. His winrate as Impostor is very high due to his excellent choice of kills and very reliable stories of what he did the last round.

1. xQc

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Image credit: xQc via Тwitch

Our Number 1 Impostor is the one and only, the really loud and annoying to play against – xQc (when he's not banned for his latest edgy comment).

The master of filibustering makes you say a total of 1 sentence per emergency even though you called it, and makes people somehow believe he is the most innocent person on the server, even though he's been the Impostor 3 games in a row, winning all 3 times.

People call him "the human polygraph" because of his ability to easily detect lies with only the voice tone and the story – he's just a remarkable player as both Crewmate and Impostor.

xQc never chills and takes every game ultra seriously, even if they are just a chill lobby playing randomly.

Cheers to you xQc, and the great content that you make daily!

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