Trainwreck Claims His Own Streaming Platform Is Going To Revolutionize Streaming

Trainwreck is famous for his gambling streams and rage clips. Now it seems he is officially fed up with Twitch, as he is planning to create his own streaming platform that is going to "revolutionize streaming".

Huge plans I gotta say | © TrainwrecksTv via Twitch

Trainwreckstv is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, with more than 2 million followers. He is mostly famous for his excessive gambling streams. Like seriously, this dude got paid $360 million in 16 months, for gambling on stream! No joke. Now that Twitch has officially banned gambling streams, Train is planning to create his own platform that will revolutionize streaming.

Trainwreck has always been vocal in criticizing Twitch and other streamers, calling them out for behavior he deemed "shameless".

Most of the time, he would call out female streamers, whose content mostly centered about their attractiveness or body. Hot tub streams must have been a mental meltdown for him.

But hey, I mean... sex sells:

On the other hand, Train was always well known to be very supportive of his community and rising stars. He seems to be someone who is always backing his friends, unless they cross him, and boy you don't want to cross him.

He is the one who opened Pandora's Box on the Mizkif sexual assault allegations. It's a good thing he did so, as the victims might finally get justice, but he didn't really do that out of the goodness of his heart. He did it, because Mizkif called him out for his sponsored gambling streams.

Trainwreck Plans To Create A Revolutionary Streaming Platform

Let's just put aside, that Train literally gets paid several hundred million dollars to stream himself gambling, and focus on the topic at hand. On October 20, Train posted a Tweet saying that he is planning to create a platform, specifically for small-to-mid sized creators. He also announced, that he has one feature in mind, that will revolutionize streaming in general. Maybe that feature will be related to smaller creators?

His reasons? He says that he wants to support smaller creators, as they are the "backbone of the entire industry". I'm not quite buying it, though.

Many have already jumped on board, probably hoping to increase their chances of success, but others are not that optimistic about Train's project. Many other websites, like Mixer, have tried to establish authority in the livestreaming industry, and look at them now. The problem is that viewers won't just switch to the new platform.

Especially, if you don't have cool reward stuff, like Twitch Prime Gaming:

Look at the case of Ninja. He was the biggest streamer on Twitch, before he left for Mixer, which crippled his growth and made way for streamers like xQc and Kai Cenat, to take over.

The success chances are to be slim, but Train seems to be dedicated to his new project. It looks like he is fed up with Twitch and the ecosystem of creators, active on the platform. But I guess if you have more than $300 million at your disposal, you are free to waste it however you like.

Train seems pretty sure of his project, which might partly be due to this "legendary" new feature he has in mind, He seems pretty set on the idea that this will be an absolute game changer, claiming:

“There’s one feature I have in mind, where this feature alone, when I announce it on Twitter, that alone is going to revolutionize streaming. [...] It doesn’t matter whether you hate me, love me, are neutral with me, don’t know me, that motherf**ker is going to blow up.

Train is not exactly the most trustworthy person when it comes to things he is passionate about. He likes to hype things up way out of proportion, and creating a successful new streaming platform might just be a little too hard to accomplish. Anyway, this will be a wild ride going forward, especially on Twitter.

I'm pretty sure, if there is a streaming platform that can dethrone Twitch, it will be YouTube:

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