Kai Cenat Breaks Twitch Viewership Record With Lil Baby Guest Appearance

Kai Cenat, one of Twitch's rising stars, just had the biggest guest appearance ever, with none other than Lil Baby making an appearance on his stream.

Kai Cenat and Lil Baby
Talk about a guest appearance! | © Kai Cenat via Twitch

Kai Cenat has got to be one of Twitch's biggest rising stars, following the likes of Ludwig and Mizkif. He has gained more than 1 million followers in the past year, raking in tens of thousands of viewers. Now Kai has set a new record, in regard to live viewers. He did this on his most recent livestream, featuring non-other than rapper Lil Baby.

Let's just hope, that Kai won't turn out like Mizkif:

Lil Baby Joining Kai Cenat on Stream

On October 16, Kai posted a photo on Twitter showing the world that he was now the most subscribed streamer on Twitch. This is an absolutely insane feat, as Kai beat his next in line, xQc, by more than 20,000 subs.

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If you're active on Twitch, this might be something for you:

And it's only appropriate for the biggest streamer on Twitch to have the most exciting shows. But how do you do that? Well, maybe by bringing in one of the biggest Rappers in the industry, that just so happens to have released a new album.

Here are some records, he won't be breaking, any time soon, though:

Lil Baby's appearance on Kai Cenat's stream might be the biggest collaboration on Twitch so far, and it shows. Kai's viewership exploded to a completely new level, reaching up to 225,000 live viewers!

I guess you could say this was a worthwhile experience for the both of them, as Lil Baby was able to promote his new album to A LOT of people, and all he had to do was spend an hour talking to a pretty likeable dude. Think about it, you have the live viewers from Kai's stream, but also all the other viewers on YouTube etc. that are going to see the stream afterwards, and just think how many of them might check out the album.

YouTube can be a pretty good tool, to spread awareness:

All in all, the stream turned out pretty entertaining, with Kai being his usual bubbly self, and Lil Baby quieter and probably a little confused, not knowing what the f*ck is going on. He seemed to have fun though and even offered Kai a record deal. Don't know if he meant that, or was just fucking around, but still, pretty crazy!

This stream truly was phenomenal, and absolutely demolished Kai's previous record for concurrent viewers on a broadcast. It is crazy what this guy has accomplished in such a small amount of time. Stay tuned, there will be a lot more Kai Cenat content in the future.

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