TSM Signs Biggest Alpha Male On Twitch

TSM just made the biggest announcement on Twitter, signing the biggest alpha male on Twitch, Tyler1's ... Brother? Oh ... okay.
Alpha Male Twitch
Look at this absolute unit of a man! | © TSM via Twitter

TSM just announced that they have signed one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. Tyler1's brother Erobb221. This announcement came as quite the shocker and with one hell of a twist.

Over the last couple of years, TSM has steadily grown its influence on Twitch, signing popular streamers like QTCinderella in September 2021, and now Erobb221.

Erob is the Brother of Twitch star Tyler1 and has been in the business for a long time, streaming with big streamers, like Mizkif, Esfand and more. It seems TSM, Tyler1 and his brother wanted to have a little fun with this announcement, and so they decided to throw fans for a bit of a loop.

Erobb221 Joins TSM

The video is pretty funny and opens with a shot of Tyler1's back, while a voice-over begins describing him as

Isn’t he perfect? A six foot five alpha male freak of nature. Do you see that steel titan neck? Not to mention those huge, huge, biceps.

Then Tyler turn turns around and, alpha as he is, tells the voice actor to shut his b*tchass up. After this, the video starts again, this time with an even more alpha male sitting in the gaming chair! We can see his steel titan neck, those huge biceps, just peak human performance sitting on that chair. It's Erobb221, the walking L, the destroyer of confidence (mostly his own), the L egened himself, now signed with TSM.

This announcement really caught fans off guard. Some of them, not me obviously *cough*, really thought, that the Tyler1 had actually signed with TSM. Erobb might be the smaller creator of the two, but with 400k followers and his new deal with TSM, I think he's doing fine for himself.

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