Tyler1 Climbs to Challenger In All Roles - Riot Sends Custom Gift

Tyler1 has achieved the unbelievable! He's gotten to Challenger in every single League of Legends role.

Tyler1 and Faker Reverse
The man on the right is the best League player in the world... who is on the left though? | © Riot Games via Flickr

Tyler1 is probably one of the most famous League of Legends streamers in the scene. He is well known for his Draven play and just how tall he is — because everyone knows that he is over 6 feet!

Over the last few seasons though, Tyler1 has set a new goal for himself — to make it to Challenger on every role in League of Legends. With the final role still up for grabs, he started his quest for Challenger as a support earlier this year.

[UPDATE 23.02.2022]

Riot Games Sends Tyler1 Custom Gift

Tyler1 has done the impossible, hitting Challenger in every single role in League of Legends. He was once the 'villain' of Riot Games, but has since redeemed himself and become the face of the game.

After successfully climbing each role, Riot has sent the streamer a package, containing a wall-mount and five challenger crest medals. Each medal has the date he reached Challenger on it as well.

The custom piece was made by Hoku props and Riot started working on it when Tyler1 hit Challenger in the top lane some months ago. So it's been a long time project.

All we can say is that Tyler1 really is built different.

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When Did Tyler1 Begin His Challenger Challenge?

He started his quest to reach Challenger in 2020. During this time he was known for his Bot Lane play and he impressed everyone with his play on champions like Draven. He managed to reach Challenger in 2020 and then decided to switch to Jungle.

Not long after, he also managed to gain his Challenger crest, playing only in the Jungle. The top lane followed soon after. This took longer than in the previous role. While playing as a jungler Tyler1 played a bit over 1,000 games, the top lane took him over 2,000 games.

In September 2021 Tyler1 eventually reached Challenger in the mid lane as well. Four roles down, one to go.

When Did Tyler1 Reach Challenger As A Support?

Tyler1 managed to reach Challenger as a support after only playing around 500 games. He reached Challenger in February 2022, ending his two-year project of climbing the ladder in every role.

Which Roles Are the Easiest To Climb?

According to Tyler1 the easiest role to play is Support. Another ‘easy’ role is jungle. Though the famous streamer did explain that jungle will require players to understand the role before playing it, since it is different from laning. Once you understand the basics, you’re able to climb with ease though.

Mid and ADC are both on a similar difficulty, though the ADC role will also be impacted by the support. This means that you could be impacted negatively by your partner in the lane. The mid lane does not have these issues.

The hardest role to master though was the top lane according to Tyler1. This was also the lane he took the longest to climb with.

Now that Tyler1 has completed this two-year challenge, we wonder just what he is going to come up with next. He’s undeniably become the face of League of Legends and will continue to help grow the game with his crazy antics and his big personality.