Renata Glasc Champion Build Guide

Renata Glasc is the newest League of Legends champion. We have checked out how to play her and which items to buy and build on her!

Renata Glasc Guide ENG
She will shred teams. | © Riot games

The newest champion to be added to League of Legends is none other than Renata Glasc, a dangerous enchantress who will sway anyone to play on her side of the rift. She is a badass who isn’t to be messed with.

But with her being such a unique champion, it’s time that we check out how to play her, right? So let’s go over the best runes, builds and when to play aggressive and when to stand back with Renata Glasc! Hopefully this Renata champion build guide can help you in your bot lane endeavors.

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Runes and Item Builds for Renata Glasc

Which Runes Should Renata Pick?

Renata Glasc might be a support, but you’ll play her similar to a mage, hence, why we suggest going for the Sorcery Tree. Summoner Aery is fine, but Arcane Comet should be the best keystone on her. Of course, you’ll also pick Manaflow Band for that mana, Transcendence for CDR and Gathering Storm to dominate the late game.

For her secondary rune path, you’ve got multiple options. If you’re thinking of playing a more defensive Renata Glasc, go for Resolve with Font of Life and Overgrowth.

Which Items Should Renata Build?

Since you won’t focus heavily on shielding or healing allies, make sure to pick some form of AP damage. Your mythic choice should definitely be Imperial Mandate, though. If you want to go full-damage then Liandry’s is also a fine choice.

After building your mythic, you should also go for Rylai’s which was made cheaper a while ago to help supports, as well as Cosmic Drive and Zhonya’s. This way, you’ll be able to stay safe, poke out opponents and dominate the lane.

How To Play Renata Glasc

Renata won’t be the support who sits back and merely buffs her allies. No, she is a whole new type of support – the anti-carry who will take the enemies strengths and use it against them. So, how do you master this champion?

In the laning phase, you’ll be the boss. Who you mark is the champion that your ADC is going to have to take down. You are the one who will start off skirmishes with your Q hook or your E slow. But whatever tool you use, you’re the one who dictates the play in lane.

Remember these are also your tools to peel for your carry in case of an assassin making his way to your lane! Your W will enable your ADC to play as aggressive as they want in lane. Make sure they know that they can go in and go wild! Communication is key here.

As you move onto the mid game, you’ll become an integral part of your teams' composition. You will be the key to winning teamfights thanks to your ultimate. Berserk, the new form of Crowd Control, can chunk down enemies.

The ability is perfect against high damage teams – something we see a lot of in recent League of Legends. The more damage output the opposing team has, the harder they’ll be chunked down thanks to Renata’s ultimate, and your squad will just have to clean up the crumbs your ultimate left behind.

So make sure you stand back with your carries since you’re still a squishy enchanter, and aim your ultimate onto the enemy team. Catch as many as you can with it and win the game!

Renata Glasc Splash Art
Doesn't the word 'anti-carry' just suit her perfectly? | © Riot Games

Good and Bad Synergies for Renata Glasc

Renata will be especially useful against team fight comps that want to crowd together. She’s got good AoE damage thanks to her basic abilities and ultimate. Which champions should Renata be paired with, though?

Renata is going to be great with champions like Samira and Jinx who can utilize her empowered W to the best of their abilities. If a dive goes wrong with either of these champions, they’ll have plenty of damage left over to get the kill in before the burn kills them.

Champions like Caitlyn should be avoided, though. Caitlyn has much better range than Renata Glasc, which means that Renata won’t be able to reach her with her Q to get a skirmish started.

Overall, Renata Glasc looks like a solid mid to late game champion who will truly empower the carries thanks to her abilities. So, go out and give her a try and if you prefer a different type of carry, then check out our Zeri champion guide or our Vayne champion guide!