The Best Couple Skins in League of Legends

Let's check out some of the best couple skins in League of Legends for you and your significant other!

Xayah 0
Will Xayah and Rakan have some of their skins on our list? | © Riot Games

Finally, you managed to convince your significant other to download this dreaded video game called League of Legends, and finally, you get to play together. Sure, after the first few games – not against bots – you start to feel the blood pressure rise, but at least your significant other finally understands your pain.

So, to match and look good together, we’ve decided to check out some couple skins that you and your significant other should definitely get together… because we all know how stylish couple looks are in 2022!

5. Officer Vi & Officer Caitlyn

If you watched Arcane, then you know that Vi and Caitlyn could potentially have a thing – please make it official in season 2, Riot – and so, of course, this pair needs couple skins and boy… these skins are great!

Vi and Cait couple look
These two can arrest me any day. | © Riot Games

For any cop/robber role play fans out there, these are the skins you should absolutely think of using with your significant other. Caitlyn in the bot lane, while Vi comes to her rescue for a gank… but we all know Caitlyn is an independent woman who doesn’t actually need Vi to help her out. So, this is a pair of skins you should absolutely pick up with your significant other.

4. Battle Academia Katarina & Battle Academia Garen

Sure, lore-wise, these two have nothing to do with one another. Garen attends Labrys God-Weapon Academy, while Katarina is at Durandal God-Weapon Academy, but that just fits to their whole lovers from another planet – in this case school – trope they’ve got going on.

Battle Academia Kata and Garen Couple Look
These two make a pretty cute pair... even if they have to keep it a secret. | © Riot Games

So, if you want a fun couple look, go for this one! Hell, the entire Battle Academia is straight out of a manga, so why not add in some Shojo feels into this whole skin line? Honestly, these are some cute skins with the mysterious Katarina and the delinquent Garen.

3. Sweetheart Xayah & Sweetheart Rakan

Did you really think we wouldn’t include a pair of skins for Xayah and Rakan? Seriously, those two are so in-your-face with their love that it’s annoying and obnoxious and if you’re out here getting couple skins, then that is what you and your significant other need as well.

Sweetheart Xayah
They look so in love... disgusting. | © Riot Games

This skin line is all about romance and being romantic and well, that’s what this article is all about as well, right? Time to be as cheesy as possible with the person you love the most! So, if you want to make a true statement of love, then look no further than Sweetheart Xayah and Rakan.

2. High Noon Senna & High Noon Lucian

The high noon skins are pretty epic, telling the tale of angels and demons in the wild west. You can’t go wrong with an epic tale like that. Senna and Lucian being part of this world is perfect for you and your significant other since they’re the most prominent couple in League of Legends... after Xayah and Rakan, that is.

High noon senna and lucian couple skins
Not going to lie, but Senna can step on me. | © Riot Games

So, if you guys are looking for epic couple skins, this is the pair you should be checking out. No lovey-dovey backing animations, just pure epic fighting! This is the perfect set of skins for those of you who prefer going into a mosh pit rather than a fancy dinner.

1. Porcelain Protector Ezreal & Porcelain Lux

Now, the big finale goes to none other than the new Porcelain skins! Of course, we had to put Ezreal and Lux into our couple look list! These skins are beautiful and after watching the Porcelain trailer, we just couldn’t resist adding this couple onto our list.

Porcelain Lux and Ezreal couple skins
Aren't they cute together, though? | © Riot Games

Ezreal and Lux with Porcelain skins are the perfect couple look for anyone trying to flaunt their relationship in League of Legends. Another plus? You can pair them in the bot lane together, so you won’t ever have to be apart from the one you love!

If you’re single like most of us, then you can also just pick up these skins with your best friend… or you could check out some single skins like the Dragonmancer skins or the upcoming Shockblade skins. Not everyone is as lucky to have a Rakan or Xayah in their life.