The Best Ezreal Skins in League of Legends

We take a look at all the Ezreal skins Riot has released throughout the years. Which are the best Ezreal skins though?

Ezreal Legends of Runeterra
Now, what skins look best on this guy? | © Riot Games

Ezreal, the prodigal explorer, is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. Not only does he have an extremely high play rate, but Riot also loves this champion to bits. We never see him on the nerf list, and he’s also one of the champions with the most skins.

Ezreal is in the same category as Ahri, Lux and Miss Fortune when it comes to preferential treatment. He’s the poster boy of League of Legends – only surpassed by Yasuo, but he’s got a bad rep, unlike Ezreal. So, with so many skins and so much love from Riot, which ones are the best skins Ezreal has to offer?

What Are The Best Ezreal Skins In League of Legends?

5. Arcade Ezreal

Arcade Ezreal was released back in 2016 and got a bit of a visual overhaul in 2018. It will cost you 1350 RP, but thankfully, this isn’t a legacy skin, so whenever you’ve got enough RP, you can pick it up.

Arcade Ezreal 1
Look at how much fun he is having! | © Riot Games

This skin embodies the champion perfectly, with his fun and carefree attitude. No one fits better into the Arcade alternate universe than Ezreal – okay, we also love the Hisoka (from Hunter x Hunter) look-alike Qiyana, but we prefer Ezreal in this skin universe. He’s just got the PacMan protagonist vibes.

4. PsyOps Ezreal

PsyOps Ezreal was released in 2020, along with Samira, and will cost you 1350 RP. Thankfully, this isn’t a legacy skin, so if you’ve got some money and want to have a new Ezreal skin in your inventory, then we suggest picking up PsyOps Ezreal.

Psy Ops Ezreal HD skin splash
Just from the splash I can tell how full of himself he is. | © Riot Games

Not only does PsyOps Ezreal look amazing, but the skin bio is also one of the funniest skin bios out there. Basically, he’s a prodigy but has such an inflated ego that his team sends him into the most dangerous situations in hopes of him dying. Ouch. Ezreal should work on his attitude if he wants to survive in this harsh world.

3. Porcelain Protector Ezreal

The newest skin for Ezreal is Porcelain Protector Ezreal! You can pick it up in the League of Legends client for 1820 RP. This skin got new VFX and SFX updates, as well as some new voice lines, which make Porcelain Protector Ezreal a little more expensive.

Porcelain Protector Ezreal skin
The friendship between Ezreal and his magic tiger is too cute! | © Riot Games

This skin is a masterpiece. It’s a bit pricey, but that’s because it is a legendary skin. The best part is the dance animation, which is a reference to the cat vibing to the Ievan Polkka meme. Don’t know what that is? Just watch and enjoy!

2. SSG Ezreal

Samsung Galaxy Ezreal is one of the best World Championship skins and came out in 2018 after SSG beat SKT T1 at the 2017 World Championship. The skin costs 1350 RP and is only available sometimes since it’s a legacy skin. Sadge.

Samsung Galaxy 2017 skins
Look in the top right and you'll spot Ezreal. | © Riot games

This is the one skin where Ezreal isn’t a blonde boy. That makes it stand out from his 15 other skins. SSG Ezreal might be an extremely simple skin, but it looks great, works well and is one of the most aesthetically pleasing ones from his repertoire.

1. Star Guardian Ezreal

The best Ezreal skin has got to be Star Guardian Ezreal. This skin came out in 2017 and costs 1350 RP. It isn’t a legacy skin – thank you, Riot – so you can explore the stars with Ezreal whenever you like!

Star Guardian Ezreal
The best skin has got to be his Star Guardian skin! | © Riot Games

Star Guardian Ezreal has another counterpart, Pajama Guardian Ezreal, which also could have landed the top spot, but we chose the original. Why? Because it’s classic. It could just be the nostalgia taking me back to my childhood watching Sailor Moon, but this skin is one of a kind. Honestly, this is the one Ezreal skin that you can never go wrong with. Riot, when are we getting more male Star Guardians?

How Many Skins Does Ezreal Have?

Ezreal is the champion with the most skins under his belt. He has a total of 16 skins after receiving a new one in 2022 with the Porcelain skin line, making him the champion with the most skins in all of League of Legends.

Ezreal is also the proud owner of one of the first ultimate skins in the game – Pulsefire Ezreal – which added a unique twist to skins. He has one prestige skin with the release of his PsyOps Ezreal Prestige edition in 2020 as well.

What Skins Could Ezreal Still Receive?

Ezreal has skins in multiple skin lines already. He’s got a Debonair skin, as well as a Battle Academia skin – in which he is also the protagonist. We could definitely see Ezreal receive skins in existing skin lines like Dragonmancer or even High Noon. Maybe Riot will decide to turn the Wild Rift exclusive skins into League of Legends skins as well?

Of course, none of that is confirmed, but Ezreal is a fun champion, and we cannot wait to see the Bee skins concept of Ezreal. There is probably fan art out there somewhere. Whether Ezreal will receive another skin in 2022 is not verified, but would you be opposed to more Ezreal skins in League of Legends?