New LoL Porcelain Skins: Release Date, Champions & Price

Riot just released the splash arts of the upcoming Porcelain skins in LoL Patch 12.02.

Ezreal Porcelain Skin Splash
Not going to lie, but this skin looks pretty cool. | © Riot Games

Riot just released a tsunami of skins that will hit the rift quite soon. We know of the upcoming Crystal Rose skins, as well as the Firecracker skins, but get ready, there is even more!

So if you value your money, click away right now, because Riot is out here taking it all because of a whole new skin collection called the Porcelain skins!

Which Champions Will Get Porcelain Skins?

This doesn't mean that the champions are going to be fragile, but if you get two-shot by Jhin when you play Ezreal in the late game, you sure as hell feel fragile.

These are the champions that will get Porcelain skins:

  • Porcelain Lux
  • Porcelain Lux Prestige Edition
  • Porcelain Kindred
  • Porcelain Ezreal
  • Porcelain Amumu
  • Porcelain Lissandra

So, a total of five champions will get Porcelain skins, while Lux will also be getting a prestige edition of the skin. Of course, she is Riot's sweetheart after all.

How Much Will the Porcelain Skins Cost?

These skins will likely cost 1350 RP unless there are any legendary skins in the mix, which usually go for 1820 RP. For now, we only have the splash arts and no in-game videos, so we don't know the cost for sure yet.

When Will the Porcelain Skins Be Released?

These skins will likely hit PBE soon, so they could be released as soon as LoL Patch 12.02. Hopefully, we do get to see the skins go live as soon as possible, so we can show off our new Lux skin or our favorite Kindred skin!