All Ultimate Skins in League of Legends

There are various skin tiers in League of Legends, dictating the skin's price. Today we're going to take a look at all ultimate skins released by Riot Games.

Seraphine Ultimate Skin Forms HD
Seraphine got an ultimate skin upon release. | © Riot Games

Riot Games has brought out thousands of champion skins. There are extremely expensive skins, as well as very rare skins and legacy skins. For those who like to show off prominence, Riot also created Prestige skins, which you can obtain with prestige points.

As you can tell, there are many types of skins in League of Legends, which means that they differ in cost as well. Terms like legendary skin, epic skin and ultimate skin get thrown around, but what do these terms even mean? That’s what we will explore today. So sit tight as we explore the highest tier of skins today – Ultimate Skins.

What Are Ultimate Skins in League of Legends?

As mentioned above, ultimate Skins refer to the most expensive tier of skins currently available in League of Legends. These skins take much longer to develop and most of them also include new tech, though according to a blog post from 2020, this might change with upcoming ultimate skins.

There are only a few League of Legends ultimate skins in the game, since they do take that extra mile. These skins are supposed to “make players feel like we’ve [Riot Games] done something truly special” according to Riot Belissimoh.

Don’t confuse ultimate skins with legendary skins, either. Dark Cosmic Jhin might have a fancy backing animation and one of the most beautiful ultimates in the game, but he is only a legendary skin. Did Riot do anything magical and new with it? No, they created a beautiful solid skin that fits perfectly into the Dark Cosmic universe, but that isn’t what ultimate skins are about.

For ultimate skins to be released is extremely rare, since they require extra development time to craft, create, and ship. Hence, why only six ultimate skins currently exist in League of Legends. So, just because you like Lee Sin or Aurelion Sol, doesn’t mean they have to have ultimate skins.

These Are All Ultimate Skins in LoL

Pulsefire Ezreal - 3250 RP

Pulsefire Ezreal Lore 1
The first ultimate skin was given to Ezreal. | © Riot Games

Pulsefire Ezreal was the first ultimate skin to be released back in 2012 – and to this day it is one of the most popular Ezreal skins. As with most other ultimate skins, it costs 3250 Riot Points (RP). What makes the skin so unique and special though that it's classified as an ultimate skin? It isn’t a world championship skin, nor is it very flashy, right?

The Pulsefire Ezreal skin has four different forms. These get unlocked while playing the game and leveling up his ultimate. His armor becomes much more detailed and the skin also received some new voice lines, new textures and new animations. In 2018 the skin was reworked to look more up-to-date with current skin standards as well.

Spirit Guard Udyr - 3250 RP

Spirit Guard Udyr HD New
Just look at this incredible new Splash. | © Riot Games

The second ultimate skin to be released in Spirit Guard, Udyr. At first glance, there is nothing too special about this skin, but there are actually multiple forms for this skin as well – a common theme you’ll see among ultimate skins. This skin was also reworked in 2020 to bring it up to speed and with Udyr getting a whole VFX rework in 2022 we expect this skin to also be looked at again.

There are five different variations in this skin, all according to his stances – Tiger, Turtle, Bear, Phoenix and his base. Looking at the upcoming rework, it seems that Riot has taken a heavy influence of his Guardian skin when making his new look. Therefore, it’s interesting to see just what exactly will be updated in 2022 on the ultimate skin as well.

Spirit Guard Udyr VGU

Udyr will be receiving a Visual and Gameplay Update in 2022. One of the main updates coming to the champion – of course other than his outdated gameplay – will be his ultimate skin. Riot has been working on this single skin since April 2022, perfecting it to align with that an ultimate skin in 2022 should feel like.

DJ Sona - 3250 RP

DJ Sona drop the beat
DJ Sona can drop the beat. | © Riot Games

DJ Sona came out in 2015 and has three forms players are able to toggle through. These three forms are represented by different songs: Concussive, Ethereal, and Kinetic, which can be used throughout the game. All they have to do is type /toggle, /g or CTRL+5/CTRL+7 to change the form they want to play in.

Each form gives Sona a different visual, as well as different beats she can play. This has become one of her most popular skins. Only Sweetheart Sona and Odyssey Sona are more popular than DJ Sona.

Elementalist Lux - 3250 RP

Elementalist Lux Wallpaper
This is probably the most epic ultimate skin of them all. | © Riot Games

This is one of the skins we also put onto our most expensive skin list. Why? Because upon release there was a ‘master edition’ available for 3950 Riot Points. This edition isn’t in store anymore, so players can only get the 3250 RP Elementalist Lux skin, but that’s pricey enough, right?

What makes Elementalist Lux so special? Well, there are a lot of forms you can choose from. While Ezreal had four, Udyr 5 and DJ Sona 3, Elementalist Lux takes it to a whole new level with 10 forms that you can combine to your liking.

How is that possible? Easy, you pick up your Elementalist Lux skin and start the game. As you attack your opponent, you gain stacks. Once you’ve reached enough stacks, you can choose an element. Then you keep playing and once you’ve gained enough stacks again you get to pick another element to combine with the first one. Here are the possible combinations:

  • Magma - Fire + Nature
  • Storm - Fire + Air
  • Mystic - Water + Nature
  • Ice - Water + Air
  • Dark - Nature + Air OR Water + Fire

You can choose between two combinations to create a third form. So sadly, unlike with DJ Sona where you can toggle through songs, you can’t toggle through elements with Elementalist Lux. But, this skin is probably one of the most extensive and unique concepts Riot has ever created.

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune - 2275 RP

MF Gun Goddess skin
Guns... guns... and more guns. | © Riot Games

This is the only ultimate skin that isn’t worth 3250 Riot Points. Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is slightly cheaper than the rest and was released in 2018. Like the other ultimate skins, though, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune also has multiple forms to choose from. You can choose between Scarlet Fair, Zero Hour, Royal Arms and Starswam.

Unlike with DJ Sona where you can toggle between the songs, Riot Games created an in-game UI when you’re in the fountain where you can choose which form to take. This is similar to that of Elementalist Lux where you also have a special UI to choose your element – only Lux has to gain stacks first while MF is able to do it in base whenever she likes.

K/DA All Out Seraphine - 3250 RP

Seraphine Rising Star Skin HD
This is her second form when Sera is still a 'Rising Star'. | © Riot Games

K/DA All Out Seraphine came out in 2020 with her release during the 2020 World Championship. This skin also has multiple forms, showing her evolution throughout her experience as a member of K/DA.

She starts off as an indie star making music online until she becomes a pop sensation. The different forms of her skin cannot simply be unlocked or shifted through, but players must complete missions to make it onto the next stage of Seraphine’s life as a musician. This follows the same storyline as players could follow on her social media and throughout the comic Riot had posted before her release.

It’s a unique concept from the previous ultimate skins – especially with DJ Sona being a music-inspired skin as well. With ultimate skins, Riot is trying to push the world of skins. These skins are far more than a few skin shards in your loot. These are extremely unique skins that took a lot of time and thought to create. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and check out these ultimate LoL skins.

Soul Fighter Samira - 3250 RP

Samira Soul Fighter Ultimate skin
Soul Fire Samira is the newest ultimate skin! | © Riot Games

In 2023 Riot revealed that they've been working on a new ultimate skin which will be released for the big summer event – Soul Fighter. This skin features a pentakill animation unique to Samira, as well as an insane HUD overlay for her different style points.

She's also going to upgrade her ultimate. Every time players add in a new point to her ultimate it gets bigger and flashier from before. Her taunt also changes depending on how many kills she's gotten in a game.

This is the newest ultimate skin, bringing the world of fighting games to League of Legends, with unique new damage numbers in her ultimate, as well as insane effects that give her the feel of a fighting game character rather than a LoL champion.

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