The Most Expensive LoL Skins of All Time

League of Legends has thousands of skins available, but which are the most expensive? We'll take a deep dive into the world of League of Legends skins today to find the most costly one!

Expensive Lo L Skins
Are you willing to pay over 100€ for a skin? | © Riot Games

League of Legends could also be renamed League of Skins with the number of cosmetics available in the game. Players can get ward skins and champion skins, as well as multiple other unique tools like emotes and Little Legends in the Riot Games store.

Most of these skins are purely cosmetic, though some do seem like they’re pay-to-win. But that’s not what we’re going to be talking about today. No, today we’re going to make you reach into your pockets and fork over all your saved-up cash because these are the most expensive skins in League of Legends.

Which Are the Most Expensive League of Legends Skins?

Since many expensive League of Legends skins aren’t available for purchase anymore, we’ve checked out multiple third-party skin buying websites to estimate the prices for these skins. Please be mindful when wanting to purchase these skins from third-party websites, since your account could be banned by Riot Games.

Rusty Blitzcrank | ~80€

Rusty Blitzcrank is not available in the League of Legends store anymore. Why? Because fans almost started an uprising against Riot when the company demanded money for this skin. Seriously, this skin is so bad it just looks like the base skin. Nothing else, nothing more.

Rusty Blitzcrank Rarest Lo L Skins
Is this skin worth so much money though? | © Riot Games

So, if you want to get your hands on this skin, then you’ll need to use a third-party website to buy an account that has this skin and some of the prices can reach over 80€, but it’s usually around that price.

Young Ryze/Human Ryze | ~150€

Unlike Triumphant Ryze, this is not a skin that you can buy/win anymore. This is considered an Ultra Rare skin since it was given out to those who purchased the collectors' edition of League of Legends back in 2009.

Young ryze
This skin just ain't it guys. | © Riot Games

Since Young Ryze – previously known as Human Ryze – isn’t available in the shop anymore, players will surely have to fork over 100€ for this skin. Some third-party account selling sites also charge up to 1,000€ for an account with this skin.

UFO Corki | ~30€

UFO Corki was given out to players who had a League of Legends account before January 14, 2010. This skin might be rare, but it isn’t very sought after, which is understandable… it’s Corki.

Ufo corki
Just buy Astronaut Corki and you're fine. | © Riot Games

So you can buy accounts for 30€ on some websites, while others change up to 300€. You just have to find the right website to be able to get the UFO Corki of your dreams… or you know… get Astronaut Corki, there isn’t much of a difference.

Black Alistar | ~550€

Black Alistar… what can we even say about this skin. It’s Alistar… in black. To think anyone would be willing to pay 550€ for something like that is baffling, but collectors gotta have them all, right?

Black Alistar Splash Rare Skins
This is a skin guys. Not a chroma. | © Riot Games

This skin is also unavailable for purchase anymore, and for good reason. These days we would call this skin a chroma, since so little has been changed from classic Alistar.

Championship Riven | ~300€

Championship Riven was released back in 2012. This was a legendary skin to celebrate the 2012 League of Legends World Championship. The skin was re-made in 2016 and is available in the shop, but if you’re looking for the OG Championship Riven skin you’ll have to fork over quite a lot of cash.

Championship Riven
This skin was remade in 2016! | © Riot Games

Some accounts being sold with this skin can go for up to 500€. If you don’t need money for college, then you’re welcome to spend it on this skin. We're not sure if your parents like that so much, though?

PAX Sivir | ~140€

PAX Sivir skin was given out to those who went to PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) back in 2011. That’s 10 whopping years ago! Can you believe it? So, for those of you who weren’t even born then, sorry boys and girls. You’ll have to use your life savings for this skin.

PAX Sivir rare skins Lo L
This skin also got remade in 2017. | © Riot Games

PAX Sivir got remade in 2017 and the skin is available once more. You can find it in the store under Neo PAX Sivir. So maybe you won’t have to use your life savings for this skin after all!

PAX Jax | ~290€

Another PAX skin! But did you think anything would be different? We’ve gone over the rarest skins and well, all the PAX skins were on that list, so this one won’t be much different, right?

This skin came out in 2010. | © Riot Games

PAX Jax came out in 2010 and anyone who went to the expo that year could get this skin. Many of the skin codes given out were left unused and in 2014 Riot Games let all old skin codes expire. SO if you were hoping to pick up PAX Jax at a reasonable price, we’ll have to disappoint you. But there's one still one last hope… PAX Twisted Fate.

PAX Twisted Fate | ~600€

The PAX skin prices just keep on rising. This skin is 12-years-old and was given out to those who attended PAX back in 2009. This is where Riot showed off League of Legends to players and the game was still extremely bugged – not like it isn’t today, but you know what we mean.

PAX Twisted Fate
Blue hues surround TF in this skin. | © Riot Games

Many of the codes were probably left unused, making this one of the rarest skins and one of the most expensive League of Legends skins – and the most expensive PAX skin of the bunch. Guys, with this money you can buy a PS5!

Elementalist Lux | ~20€

Okay, 20 bucks doesn’t seem like a lot right now, but this ultimate skin is currently still available in the store. Elementalist Lux is actually kind of sick though and worth the price when you look at all the features the skin has.

Elementalist Lux Wallpaper
This is the most expensive skin in the LoL store. | © Riot Games

So if you’re looking to buy the most expensive League of Legends skin, currently available in the Riot store, then you’ll have to have Lux and get the Elementalist skin. There was also a ‘master version’ of the skin which went for 3950 RP, which roughly converts to 25€. So maybe you’d better wait and get lucky with a skin shard, which you can then turn into a permanent skin with orange essence through hextech crafting.

How To Convert RP into Euro

League of Legends doesn’t utilize regular cash transactions for purchases in their store. Instead, players purchase Riot Points, RP for short, to buy their League of Legends skins and cosmetics.

This is also great for Riot, since players won’t understand just how much money they’re spending. 975 RP doesn’t sound like that much, right? Well, when looking at the conversion table, you might think differently.

Riot Points350RP750RP1580RP3250RP5725RP8250RP
Euro (€)2.50€5.00€10.00€20.00€35.00€50.00€

Why Are Skins in League of Legends so Expensive?

Most of the skins we’ve shown you today are extremely rare skins. So, as we mentioned in our rarest League of Legends skin article, we have to apply the theory of supply and demand.

There is no more supply of these skins, making the existing ones extremely rare. There is also a demand for these skins – though it probably applies to players that are also niche collectors.

Therefore, third-party sellers are able to set the prices so high for some of these skins. The fact that you can’t simply buy a skin, much like in Counter-Strike, but you have to purchase an account with the skin, means that these sellers often sell accounts with multiple skins.

So even though you might not have wanted Riot Squad Singed, you’ll be stuck with the skin when purchasing an account. All that just to get your hands on UFO Corki or Rusty Blitzcrank. RIP.

In the case of Lux, this skin is merely so expensive because it’s basically a bunch of skins in one. You can change color depending on your element, and your abilities will also differ. It’s a unique and interesting skin that goes far beyond the usual legendary, prestige or legacy skins Riot Games has to offer.