New LoL Cafe Cuties Skins: Release Date, Champions & Price

New skins are coming, and we're getting some coffee! The next skin line will include Maids and a lot of cake. Which champions and when it'll release, right here.

Cafe Girl Annie Splash
Annie and Tibbers... but he's a giant gummy bear. This is something I didn't know I needed Riot. | @ Riot Games

2021 really is the year of beautiful and cute anime girls for Riot Games. We got the Coven skins earlier in the summer, had epic Bird-themed skins and for Halloween were showered in Bewitching skins. So obviously, what was missing? Maid Cafe girls and boys!

Riot has delivered those as well! We're getting a maid cafe-themed skin line with six champions. Who, how and when we'll explain right here!

Which Champions Will Get Cafe Cutie Skins?

A total of six champions seem to be getting cafe skins. This is a list of all champions who will dorn the new skins:

  • Gwen
  • Annie
  • Soraka
  • Sivir
  • Bard
  • Vladimir

Whether any of them are getting a prestige skin is unknown, but it's unlikely. Riot is still planning to bring out a Brand prestige skin, at least according to their skin catalog, but does he really fit this concept? Maybe as the baking stove, but that's about it.

How Much Will the Cafe Cutie Skins Cost?

The Cafe Cutie Skins cost 1350 RP each. As they are not legendary but epic skins this price is was very much estimated. That said the bundles are reduced right now. So if you stay on top of the Maid-Game, the Cafe Cutie Mega Bundle right now is 'only' 12,722 RP

So let's have a little League of mathematics lesson, shall we? For only $5 USD you are able to purchase 650 RP. So to reach the amount of 12,000 Riot Points you'll need to put in a minimum amount of $100 USD. Wow, that is nearly as much as we spent a few years ago at the Maid Café. So not a big deal, right?

When Will the Cafe Cutie Skins be Released?

It seems like the skins are going on the PBE server on November 3, 2021, so they should be released with LoL Patch 11.23. According to the official LoL Patch schedule, the release date is going to be November 17, 2021.

Which skins are going to be released in LoL in 2021?

Well, lucky for you we already have a whole article on that. We gathered all the details about what's happening in terms of skins in 2021. If there is still something missing though, it'll probably be some Debonair-Skins. But let's be honest guys, Riot has already pleased us very much this year. it's unlikely that there is another big thing coming. Right?

Are you excited about a new skin line like this? Or would you prefer Kog'Maw, Cho'Gath and Malphite to get new skins instead? Which Champion would you prefer in the cafe skin line? Let us know on Discord!