LoL Patch 11.17 Preview

Crime City Nightmare Darius
Darius looks like he is ready to throw down. | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 11.17 is going to have quite a few interesting changes in store for us. Champion updates, as well as rune changes, are coming our way in Patch 11.17. Oh, and a bunch of extremely spooky, yet beautiful skins are coming our way.

Fleet Footwork, Amumu, Lucian, they’re all on the burner for LoL Patch 11.17 to get some changes done to them. Here is what we know so far after looking at the PBE server.

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Lucian Power Shift from Mid to Bot in LoL Patch 11.17

With Akshan here, it’s time for Lucian to make his way back to the bot lane, where he originally belonged. The mid-ranged marksman has made himself comfortable in the mid lane, but Riot doesn’t want him there anymore. So, some changes are in store for him.

According to Jeevun Sidhu, current lead game designer on the Summoner's Rift team, Lucian will have his base AD lowered, but his passive is going to work well together with other champions since ally buffs will enhance his passive by dealing additional damage.

Not only is his passive being looked at on the PBE server, but Lucian’s W might get a mana cost decrease and his ultimate might deal a bit less damage per shot, but now do crit. Hopefully, these changes bring Lucian and Senna back together in the bot lane, but more information on that will come in the following week.

Amumu Q Changes Coming in LoL Patch 11.17

Riot wants to make Amumu more attractive in higher elos as well, hence, why they’re shifting some of his strengths around to make him a more dynamic pick. The key change to his kit is coming to his Q, though, which will use a 2 charge system. Jeevun Sidhu stated that players should think of it like “Caitlyn a W or Teemo R. An ammo system with a lower CD, and multiple charges stored”.

This gives players more flexibility. If they miss a single bandage it isn’t the end of the world for lower elo players, since they’ve got another bandage to use, while higher elo players have more breathing room to engage in fights and make ganks.

Pushed Back Fleet Footwork Changes Coming in LoL Patch 11.17

Last patch, Fleet Footwork was supposed to be getting a few changes, but Riot decided to push those back. Well, now it’s time for Fleet Footwork to get the changes the rune has been needing.

Base healing will be increased on the PBE server. Also, the AD and AP ratios also look to be increased, while the healing from minions is reduced. Hopefully these changes make Fleet Footwork a rune people want to choose.

Crime City Nightmare Zyra
Zyra looks dangerous with this new skin. | © Riot Games

Crime City Nightmare and Phoenix Skins Coming in LoL Patch 11.17

Eight skins are being tested on the PBE servers right now for LoL Patch 11.17. The Crime City Nightmare skin series will be making their debut, and we’re also going to be getting some Phoenix skins as well.

Which Champions are Getting Skins in LoL Patch 11.17

These are the champions who will be getting Crime City Nightmare skins:

  • Twisted Fate
  • Akali
  • Zyra
  • Darius
  • Shaco

These three champions will also be getting Phoenix skins:

  • Anivia
  • Seraphine
  • Xayah

We knew of Twisted Fate and Akali getting Crime City Nightmare skins, but the choice for the other three champions is also superb. The Shaco skin looks incredible and Darius fits the concept so well.

The Phoenix skins fit Xayah and Anivia perfectly – since their champions are bird-themed and all – but Seraphine is a bit out of place in this universe.

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Anyway, whether you’re into the dark and mysterious underground or just enjoy aesthetically pleasing skins, there is something for everyone in the skins department for LoL Patch 11.17.

When Will LoL Patch 11.17 be Released?

According to the official League of Legends patch schedule, LoL Patch 11.17 should be going live Wednesday, August 25. Maybe after that, we will finally catch the first glimpse of Vex on the PBE server since she should be coming in September.

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