Dream and Technoblade's Dad Raise Cancer Awareness In YouTuber's Legacy

Dream recently did a livestream with Technoblade's dad, to raise cancer awareness and honor his legacy, putting his fame to good use.

Dream and Technodad
Technoblade's Legacy will continue | © Dream

Dream, one of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers, livestreamed with Technoblade’s father to help raise awareness for cancer. During the stream, they recounted personal stories and collected funds to support the Sarcoma Foundation and other cancer research companies.

There are many things we should raise awareness for:

The story of Technoblade is a tragic one. He had revealed his cancer diagnosis to fans during a stream in 2021, before stepping away from creating content, so that he could undergo chemotherapy. Sadly, on June 30, 2022, it was announced, that the 23-year-old Minecraft YouTuber had passed away.

Ever since Technoblade passed away, his family, friends, and community have rallied together, supporting cancer research companies in his honor.

One of them is the popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream. In his first stream, since his face reveal, he featured Technoblade’s dad. In the video, they shared personal stories about Technoblade, talking about all kinds of memories they shared with the late YouTuber.

It was heart-warming, but also heart-breaking at the same time, as the two of them recollected these memories. Hearing Technoblade's dad talk about the grief he carried with him and the last week of his son's life, was just sad. Heartwarming, on the other hand, was all the support you could see from the community.

The main point of the video, was to raise cancer awareness and encourage people to donate money for cancer research. With this video alone, Dream and Technoblade's dad raised $45,130 for cancer research.

Technoblade's dad added, that, seeing how much his son's community cared for him, made him really grateful and proud. This just goes to show, that Technblade's legacy will continue after his passing, and maybe even help other's through the research it is funding.

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