Minecraft YouTuber Who Died Left One Final Message

23-year-old Technoblade lost his battle with stage 4 cancer, not before posting a gut-wrenching goodbye to his community.

Technoblade was a pillar of the Minecraft community I ©YouTube/Technoblade

In a video posted on June 30 titled "so long nerds", Technoblade's dad delivered a message written by the content creator, which served as a final send off to his fans and the entire gaming community that followed his antics, as well as revealing his real name: Alex.

"Hello everyone, Technoblade here, if you're watching this, I'm dead, so let's sit down and have a chat." In true Technoblade fashion, he lightened up the mood by explaining one of his biggest pranks and how "creepy online dudes" completely ate it up: "My real name is Alex. I had one of my siblings call me Dave one time in a deleted video from 2016, it was one of the most successful pranks we've ever done. Thousands trying to get overly personal going 'oh hey Dave, how's it going?'"

After he thanked everyone who supported him over the past year; watching his content, and purchasing merch, the proceeds of which will be used to help his siblings go to college - "if they want to." He added that being a part of the Minecraft community gave him incredible memories that helped him throughout his arduous battle with stage 4 cancer.

"If I had another 100 lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every single time, as those were the happiest years of my life. I hope you guys enjoyed my content and that I made some of you laugh, and I hope you all go on to live long, prosperous, and happy lives, because I love you all.

"Technoblade out."

Technoblade's dad explained that they had planned to make a video that would function as a face reveal but events overtook them.

"We were going to shoot it in his living room, but we[...] waited too long," explained Technoblade's father. "He was having a hard time focusing with all the various things that were hooked up to him."

Holding back tears, Technoblade's dad eventually said to his son that he wasn't obliged to write any kind of message. "You don't have to do anything else, you've done so much for so many people," he recounted.

"If you want to know, you can rest, but if you want to write one last video and you're waiting for things to get a little better, then I would say: 'don't wait, I don't think things are going to get any better'."

The 23-year-old subsequently wrote that letter to his fans and then passed around eight hours later. "He was the most amazing kid anyone could ever ask for," Technoblade's dad said before signing off. Towards the end of the video, a written message by Technoblade's mom asked fans to respect the creator's privacy and that of his family.

Technoblade 2
Technoblade mom's final message I ©YouTube/Technoblade

You can watch the full YouTube goodbye by Technoblade, and his family, below.

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