Jason Momoa To Star In Minecraft Movie

Jason Momoa, the sexy-as-fork actor behind characters like Aquaman and Karl Drogo, is going to be in the Minecraft movie. Maybe.
Jason momoa minecraft
This sexy hunk might be in the upcoming Minecraft Movie. | © Mojang / DC / EarlyGame

Jason Momoa, the beautiful man behind characters like Aquaman, "that dude from Dune" and Karl Drogo in Game of Thrones, is reportedly in talks to star in the upcoming Minecraft Movie. Warner Bros., we have two questions for you:

  1. A live action Minecraft Movie? What are you thinking?
  2. Jason Momoa? Are you going to do the whole golden-crown, molten-gold, murder thing... in a Minecraft movie? Please say yes.

It seems that Momoa is more than just a few steps into the process of being selected, too, with The Hollywood Reporter reporting (as a reporter generally does) that Momoa is in "final negotiations".

So, that pretty much means he is confirmed, and they are just working out the whole cash-situation and stuff. Now this is going to be one hunky-as-fork Minecraft movie. What on Earth is this thing going to be? We're struggling to imagine...

Minecraft Is Getting Sexy With Jason Momoa

It's kind-of hard to imagine a Minecraft movie, let alone a live-action one starring Jason Momoa. I mean, you could kind-of picture an animated kid's show, or something kind of Pixar-esque, but a live-action film starring an actor famous playing a character who poured molten gold over someone's head and... you know... raped his sister.

Still, that's kind of what makes this whole project kind of intriguing. Will Jason Momoa be breaking up the blocky Minecraft world with his bare hands, squeezing the living s**t out of pigs so that he can cook them over the fire he built from wood of freshly punched out of trees? Will he wear a shirt?

Let's be real, the answer to that last question is pretty obvious...

What possible plot could derive for a Minecraft movie? In a way, the possibilities are both endless and severely limited by the utter lack of any kind of lore to work with. After all, how can you make a Minecraft movie without the blocky art style and the tree punching?

That really sounds like a recipe for some pretty wack green screen and CGI work!

Jokes aside, though, we are looking forward to this movie. There is no release date yet, of course, and we honestly couldn't tell you when to even think about expecting it. Instead, just chill out and go watch Jason Momoa in Dune. He's a sexy mother-forker.