Jason Momoa's New Epic Apple Series Revealed

Jason Momoa stars in another Apple series that has all the sounds of a banger. Here's everything we know about Chief of War.

Jason momoa chief of war
I still want Jason Momoa as a Ronin. Sorry. | © See

Hawaii is more than just vacation, beautiful beaches and beautiful people... it was actually once the site of a gruesome war amidst a violent colonization - a history that is often forgotten. Well... now, Apple and Jason Momoa are bringing that history to light in a new, limited Apple TV series called Chief of War. The story was first broken by Deadline, which reports that Jason Momoa actually wrote the series. Surprising? Yes, but less so when you consider that Momoa actually is of Hawaiian descent. Along with co-writer Thomas Pa'a Sibbet, the script will follow "the epic and unprecedented telling of the unification and colonization of Hawaii from an indigenous point of view" over eight episodes.

What We Know About Jason Momoa's Chief of War

Outside of Jason Momoa, no other actors have been confirmed yet, nor is there a release date for Chief of War, which is still in its early production stages. Chief of War will be the second epic series Jason Momoa has on Apple TV - his other series See has just been renewed for a third season, and is getting more and more critical acclaim as it goes on.

If Jason Momoa's TV track record is anything to go by, then Chief of War is a surefire success: So far, Momoa has starred in Baywatch, Stargate Atlantis, Game of Thrones, and See... every single one of these shows is either a classic, or has tremendous critical acclaim.