PlayStation Owners Can Claim Apple TV+ For Free, Here's How

6 months of free Apple+ TV for all PS5 owners, and it couldn't be easier. Here's how to claim the offer.

As if a PS5 wasn't a reward in itself, PS5 owners now get rewarded for having accomplished the difficult task of getting their hands on a PS5 system: They get 6 months of Apple TV+ for free. Yes, if you still don't own a PlayStation 5, that's even more reason to cry yourself to sleep, but if you are lucky enough... here's how to claim your free reward, you privileged son of a gun.

How to Get Apple TV+ For Free on PS5

  • Own a PS5
  • Set up a PSN account
  • Get an Apple ID
  • Search for Apple TV under 'All Apps'
  • Download Apple TV
  • Sign in with your Apple ID (or create one now)
  • Get 6 months of free Apple TV+

That's it. It honestly couldn't be easier. There's only one thing to watch out for: After 6 months, your Apple TV+ will extend automatically, so make sure you cancel before that.

There's really nothing to lose here, and you should simply go for it, but if you're on the fence, here are a couple incentives: Ted Lasso is exclusive to Apple TV, and one of the best TV shows out right now, evident in its 7 Emmy Awards. Also, See is a pretty epic show, and stars Jason Momoa, and Dave Bautista, so that's about as epic as a TV show will get. Beyond the 6 free months, Apple TV+ will cost you $5 a month, but you'll have plenty of trial time between now and then.