Is Apple Working On A Metaverse Gaming System?

Apple apparently poached Xbox developers to help them develop their own console. So the rumor goes. Here, the rumor continues.

Apple console
Apple could shake up gaming... well, technically anybody could, but it sounds good as a caption. | © Yanko Design

I love me some rumors and leaks, and this one comes our way via Jez Corden and you can listen to it on his podcast here.

According to him, Apple is poaching Xbox engineers to make its own console. He believes, they want to make a video game console, that's either VR or metaverse, or whatever, and for it, they wanted some of Xbox's people. Now, granted, even in the podcast, they admit that Apple explores a lot and cancels a lot, so this is not hugely shocking, but if you really think about it, it would make a lot of sense... just not in the traditional sense of console-hardware-thinking. And this is where my theory comes in:

Is Apple Building The First Metaverse Console?

If anything, this generation has shown that the traditional gaming hardware is dying: With the Covid pandemic, scalpers profited from the new consoles more than anybody, and Game Pass is proving that the future of gaming lies within streaming. Even Sony finally realized this, and now the king of consoles is also working hard on a streaming competitor to keep up with Microsoft.

So where does Apple fit into all of this? Well, it is telling that they approached Microsoft/Xbox developers – who have experience with streaming and forward-thinking game-development thanks to Game Pass – since it does give credibility to the following limb I'm willing to go on: Apple is working on the first metaverse gaming system. Until now, they've just been watching from the sidelines, put two and two together, and now know where the future is headed: The metaverse. And once it's here, they're gonna be sitting pretty and ready with their Xbox-poached devs and launch the console/streaming-service/whatever-you-wanna-call-it to take us into the future.

Too far-fetched? Maybe, but I believe.