Sony Is Working on a Game Pass Competitor

Sony is giving up PS Now in favor of a streaming service like Game Pass
Sony game pass playstation
Sony is finally joining us in the present. | © Obeida Zakzak

Fresh off of patenting a PlayStation mobile controller, Bloomberg confirmed what we all assumed: Sony is gonna scrap PS Now and will take the fight to Microsoft with its own streaming service code-named 'Spartacus'. The service will directly rival Game Pass and follow the same model: You pay a monthly subscription to get access to Sony's gaming rivalry.

Now, I've long been saying that streaming is the future, and my Sony-Pony colleagues, that are forever on Sony's d*ck were chastising me for it, because Microsoft owns streaming right now: Game Pass literally doesn't have a serious competitor. With the console war being what it is, Sonyheads are in denial about the validity of stream-gaming, and I'll bet you anything that once Sony rolls out its Game Pass competitor, they will be subscribed in no time, and call it the greatest thing ever.

How Will Sony's Game Pass Streaming Work?

Not to say that that's a bad thing: Competition is the best thing that can happen to any dominant product, and Game Pass getting some competition from Sony will only make gaming in 2022 all the better. According to the Bloomberg report, Sony' streaming service is intended to launch in Spring 2022, and will come in several tiers:

  • Tier 1 will include the same benefits as PS Plus and come with 1 game per month
  • Tier 2 will get you the Sony equivalent to Game Pass, minus the streaming
  • Tier 3 will include everything from the first two tiers, as well as extended demos, game streaming and PS1, PS2, Ps3, and PSP games.

It all sounds appealing, especially since Sony is lacking in terms of backwards compatibility, but the three tiers sound troubling, and don't exactly scream affordable. Considering how cheap Game Pass is, it will be interesting to see how much Sony will charge for its three-tiered service.