Best Targaryen Moments From Game of Thrones

With a new Targaryen-themed Game of Thrones show in sight, we take a look at the best Targaryen moments from the original show.

Game of thrones targaryen
Oh, Jonny-boy, how we miss your face. | © HBO

A few years ago, Game of Thrones came to a screaming halt. Now, we are staring down the barrel of a new show that focuses on the Targaryen's before the events of the original show. You know that war that keeps getting mentioned, where Robert Baratheon overthrows the Mad King? Yeah, that's where we're going and it's darn exciting!

Ultimately, though, the question on everyone's mind is "will it be good?" and, sadly, it's not really a question that we can answer until it graces our television screens. So, we have resorted to something else instead. The Targaryen's were a great source of entertainment in the original show, from Dany's creepy brother to "that" revelation, we enjoyed almost every moment in the show (up until... that moment... you know what I mean).

Thus, we thought that we would present you with a little celebration. A little nugget of the awesomeness that could come with a show dedicated to Daenerys' ancestors. What are our favorite Targaryen moments? What really cuts our mustard? Well, let's dive right-on in, and explore our love of the original show!

Public Service Announcement: This article will contain some pretty heavy spoilers for the original show, so stop reading here if you are yet to finish it.

The Best Targaryen Moments in Game of Thrones

These five moments define the Targaryen legacy in Game of Thrones. It's not just about Daenerys, but about her brother and that bloke with the scruffy black hair. Let's dive in...

5. The Moment With The Pot Of Gold

One of the most iconic moments from the show's first season, the Pot of Gold incident will live in infamy as one of the best death scenes in any show ever. When Karl Drogo pours molten gold over Viserys' head and, after a lot of screaming, he becomes silent and still, Daenerys says the words "He was no Dragon". It's heady stuff (pun intended).

4. The Moment With The Incest

When Daenerys and Jon Snow finally "get together" (you know what I mean), their bangin' is overshadowed by the revelation that Jon Snow is, in fact, the son of a Targaryen. It explains why Ned Stark looked after him so carefully, but is also a little... problematic, considering what is going on in that bedroom. Oh dear, we're going to get some more incest babies, aren't we?

3. The Moment When The Masters Are Slain

The chilling moment where Daenerys turns around and orders the masters to be slain is not just shocking, but one of the defining moments of her character. This ruthlessness is pure Targaryen, as we discover in more detail later, and is absolutely a warning for what is to come. It's also some of the most incredible pieces of television that the show has to offer. Honestly!

2. The Moment When The Wheel Is Broken

This brief conversation between Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister becomes even more tragic when the show comes to its end. She ends up certainly breaking the wheels, that's for sure, but not in the ways that we had hoped. Still, this is an incredible moment worthy of a re-watch. Two of the show's most fantastic characters finally face-to-face.

1. The Moment Where The Dragons Are Born

Finally, we are transported way back to the final episode of the first season. This is where we truly find out the might of Daenerys' power, and see the first signs of what it means to be a true Targaryen. As she emerges from the flames, things become clear and true. We won't show the moment, as there is nudity, but look it up, seriously. It is an unbelievable moment and the point where Daenerys' true journey begins.

daenerys targaryen
When the dragons are born, the world changes in Game of Thrones. It's an incredible moment, and a great ending to the first season. | © HBO

There you have it, our favorite Targaryen moments in Game of Thrones. They are not the only good ones, either, as the show is full of incredible characters and moments. Did you like this article? Well, show some love in the comments, and we might do more of these. Please, seriously, show us some love. Just... not like the Lannister's, okay?