New Posters Show Off Spartans In Halo TV Show

Shortly before its release, new character posters for the upcoming Halo TV show have been revealed, showing off some of the Spartans in the show.

Halo TV Show Spartans Posters
We got some nice face reveals for Chief's new team. | © Halo

We already got our first look from the upcoming Halo TV show, the first official TV adaptation of the legendary game series ever. And we weren't quite sure how to feel about it, to be honest. But it's not too long until the show is finally here and we will be able to check it out ourselves. To bridge the gap until then, the makers of the show released character posters for the Silver Team, the new spartans fighting alongside the Master Chief in the show.

New Posters for Halo TV Show Introduce Spartan Silver Team

The show will commence a new timeline in the Halo lore, the so called "Silver Timeline". This is supposed to be a whole new canon, running parallel to the core canon from the games and books. How weirdly appropriate then, that the new team working with Master Chief is called Silver Team. Talk about being creative, eh? Anyway, we got these really cool-looking new character posters, which show off the new characters Riz-028, Vannak-134, and Kai-125 in more detail.

Like I said, these look pretty cool. I'm not one to get too excited for posters, but they are a nice little taste, before the show launches on Paramount+ on March 24. Like we said, we weren't too sure about the first official trailer: we liked some of it, some of it was cringe. But we have been clammering for a live-action Halo adaptation and I'm a positive person, so I personally will remain optimistic. We only have one month left then we will finally know, whether the transition to the silver screen (see what I did there?) worked out for Chief and friends, or if he should have stayed in cryo sleep instead.