Dream's Reaction to #HESUGLY Trend On Twitter

Dream is one of the biggest content creators on YouTube, so his face reveal was kind of a big deal. The reaction to this was kinda mixed, though. While the majority of people would actually call him handsome, others actually made #HESUGLY trending on Twitter. Now I know why he kept his identity a secret.

Dream Face
Damn, now I know why he was wearing the mask. | © YouTube/Dream

Dream got to be one, if not the biggest Minecraft content creators out there. With 30 million fans, that sometimes are really freaking weird on Twitter, his face reveal was one of the most anticipated reveals since Spider-Man. Not for the readers, but definitely for Jay Jonah Jameson.

With all the hype around this dude, he racked up over 1.5 million views on his face reveal! And the reactions were ... well, let's say mixed, even though the majority agrees that he is a pretty handsome fella. A lot of streamers were watching his face reveal live as well and all of them agreed, that the dude is pretty good-looking. And I mean I have seen his face as well. He might not be my type, too little beard and all, but I definitely wouldn't call him ugly.

Right after the reveal, though, the dark side of the internet became plainly obvious. People on the internet are d*ckheads that simply want to tear someone down, to feel better about themselves. And so those kinda people made #HESUGLY trending on Twitter. Some even wrote freaking essays on why they think Dream is ugly. No wonder the dude went to great lengths to keep his identity a secret for so long, Batman style.

Dream Voices His Feelings About #HESUGLY Trending on Twitter

Dream recently gave an interview with Bloomberg, opening up about the situation. And I gotta say, he takes that sh*itstorm better than I would!

I got texted by so many friends of mine being like, ‘Are you OK?’ I was like, well, yeah, when you have 30 million eyeballs on you, a million, two million people are going to be making jokes or be mean or are not great people. When you take that big of a pool, there’s going to be a portion.

Maybe he is just playing tough guy to not give the trolls what they want, because 1 million people tearing down your appearance is nothing to scoff at. That sh*t's got to make you at least a little bit self-conscious. Good for him though if that's true. I recommend he count those eyeballs again, though, or does he have a lot of fans with eye patches? That would be hilarious, just a bunch of wannabe pirates watching Dream build stuff in Minecraft.

Talking about pirates, why is there so little love for them?

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