How Dream Kept His Face a Secret

YouTuber Dream kind of led a secret identity life before revealing his face. Now he detailed the lengths he had to go to.

Dream face reveal news
Better than Clark's glasses... | © Dream

So, Dream finally revealed his face, and... yeah, it works. Now that the cat's out the bag, one of his biggest marketing tools has gone missing, so obviously the man is gonna make the most out of the face reveal he'd been building up for so long. As such, the YouTuber now revealed the ridiculous measures he took to keep his identity a secret.

How Dream Stayed Anonymous

So Dream started streaming during the pandemic in 2020, and quickly got up to have millions of viewers enjoy his content, and, from the start, Dream didn't want anyone to know his identity. So what did he do to keep his secret identity? Some superhero-level type stuff:

I’m going to a different state to go to the dentist. I went with my mom to go to the movies and eat dinner for the first time in a long time — I went to Georgia.

Different states for dentist visits and dinners with the mom? Holy crap, Batman, that's more than you ever did. And don't even get me started on Clark Kent and his silly glasses. Dream really went the whole 9 yards to keep his identity safe. Superheroes everywhere must be taking notes.

Ironically, one could argue that now that his face is known, Dream will no longer know such privacy, but I guess that's the price you pay for being one of the biggest stars in online entertainment. At least, Dream finally gets to collaborate with other content creators, and can do IRL content, breaking free from the monotony that his online presence must have become over the years.