Pokimane Cuts Off Sexist Friend

We really could just write 10 articles a week about Pokimane confronting sexist people. Wait, we already do? Well, here's another one.

Pokimane Thumb sexist
Pokimane cuts of friend for sexist comments about pink suit | © Pokimane

And here I thought only her fans were a bunch of incels that idolize women, and then curse them if they turn out to just be human. Turns out, even some of her friends need to chill the f*ck out.

Pokimane was the biggest female streamer for a long ass time. Even though Amouranth overtook her, she still remains the face of female streamers, outside the Just-Chatting, Asmr and the Hot-tub sections.

During her time on Twitch, she has always been vocal about sexist behavior, calling people out on their bullshit and banning a hecking lot of people.

Now it seems she has to do the same thing in her personal life as well. So here the story of why she had to ban a friend IRL, because he didn't like her pink suit.

Pokimane Bans A Friend IRL

So the short version of the story is, that a friend of Pokimane made misogynistic comments about her outfit, on one of her Instagram posts. It wasn't even a picture where she showed a lot of skin. Just her wearing a pink suit, winking at the camera and so on.

Really not that bad if you compare her to other streamers on Twitch, that have sex on screen, or have an OnlyFans.

He still went off on her, said she was seeking male validation, or that if he was her dad, he wouldn't be proud, sh*t like that. That's gotta be some of the cringest things I've heard in the last couple of weeks.

This dude sounds almost as toxic as those mofos:

It looks like Pokimane wants to avoid further drama, and decided to keep his identity hidden. People are speculating about who it might have been, but those are all baseless so far.

Anyway, it seems Pokimane is done with negativity in her life and really wants to focus on her mental health, which includes her future on Twitch.