Confirmed: New Character Coming To MultiVersus This Week

The arrival of Gizmo and Stripe in MultiVersus has been officially announced and it will happen next week!

Multi Versus Season 1 Official Release
Stripe/Gizmo is one of several characters coming to MultiVersus during season 1. | © WB Games

At the start of MultiVersus Season 1, the inclusion of several new characters to the colorful roster of the game has been confirmed. These include Black Adam, Rick Sanchez and Gizmo from Gremlins. It now looks like we will get the first of these new additions very soon, as has been officially revealed.

Gizmo Coming To MultiVersus This Week

The official MultiVersus Twitter account has posted a brief teaser video, which hinted towards the arrival of Gizmo or Stripe. The caption of the video reads "We've got a little, fluffy surprise headed your way on Tuesday", indicating that the new characters would come to the game on September 6.

Game Director Tony Huynh has confirmed, that Gizmo and Stripe will be separate characters. It has also been confirmed that it is just Gizmo who will come to MultiVersus this week, not Stripe. The release date has also been pushed back to Thursday, September 8.

It is surprising that Gizmo is already coming now, since season 1 is set to go until November and since Morty has just been added to the game. It is still unclear when during season 1 Black Adam and Rick will come to the game.

Stripe and Gizmo were on a list of leaked characters, which included over 20 names. See all about that leak and the other characters that will come to MultiVersus in this video: