MultiVersus Season 2: Release Date, New Characters, Battle Pass & More | Everything We Know

MultiVersus season 2 is coming in a few months, but what can we expect for it? Here's everything we know about release date, new characters and the next battle pass in season 2.

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MultiVersus season 2 is coming soon, here's what we can expect. | © WB Games

MultiVersus had a hugely successful launch and carried the momentum forward with the release of season 1. While developer Player First Games is busy with balance changes and bringing all the new content for season 1 out, they are already working on MultiVersus season 2. What can we expect for the next stretch of content coming to the platform brawler? Here's everything we know so far about MultiVersus season 2.

MultiVersus Season 2 – Everything We Know

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MultiVersus season 2 is coming soon and promises to bring a bunch of new content to the game. | © WB Games

While we're still in the middle of the first season, we already know a bunch of things that will come to MultiVersus season 2. Check out everything we know so far about it, including the release date, new characters and more.

Release Date

MultiVersus season 2 will most likely start on November 15. Season 1 ends on that date and it would make sense to immediately launch into the next season. This is what most other games with this structure do, like Warzone or Apex. So we expect MultiVersus to follow suit and do the same.

This is obviously speculative until the release date is officially confirmed. But season 1 also started immediately after the pre-season ended, so we don't expect developer Player First Games to change this rhythm. The only thing that could happen, is that season 2 is delayed for a week or two, which is what happened with the first one. But we assume that there won't be an intentional gap between the two seasons.

New Characters

We can quite reliably predict which characters will come to MultiVersus in the future. This is due to various leaks which revealed over 20 characters joining the roster of the platform brawler, including amazing picks like Gandalf, Powerpuff Girls or Joker.

Check out our video where we show off all of the leaked characters:

This list included Black Adam and Stripe, who have been confirmed to come to the game during season 1. These leaks definitely have some validity to them, so you can expect a selection of these characters to come to MultiVersus season 2.

Battle Pass

MultiVersus season 2 will feature a brand-new battle pass, which we expect to follow up on the one that came to the game with season 1. That means two versions (free and premium) with 50 tiers full of new unlockables and a price of 950 Gleamium ($9.99) for the paid version. We don't know exactly yet what will feature in the battle pass, but we will definitely get new skins, emotes and cosmetics for the new characters Morty, Black Adam and Stripe.

What Else To Expect

We expect MultiVersus season 2 to also include plenty of balance and gameplay changes, as well as new modes. But we don't know anything on these possible changes to the game yet.

MultiVersus season 2 is still a few months away, so we will keep getting new info in the near future. Make sure to check back in as we update this article as soon as we know more.