Is MultiVersus Coming To Switch?

MultiVersus has been a great success, but it is still missing on one major platform: the Nintendo Switch. Will the game come to the handheld console and dare to go head-to-head with genre king Super Smash Bros.? Or will Nintendo fans have to miss out on the hit game?

Multi Versus Switch
A MultiVersus Switch version could be coming soon. | © WB Games / Nintendo

MultiVersus has quickly garnered a huge fan base and is one of the big smash hits of the year. But one smash it hasn't quite touched yet is Smash Bros., Nintendo's king of platform fighters. The Nintendo Switch, where Smash Bros. is exclusively available on, is one of the very few platforms that MultiVersus is not available on... yet. But could MultiVersus come to Switch after all? Not all hope is lost yet, as you will see in this article.

MultiVersus: Switch Version Could Be In Development

The platform fighter by WB Games and Player First Games has already had a whopping 20 million players on a variety of different platforms, namely the PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The developers, especially game director, Tony Huynh, have always been vocal about wanting to bring MultiVersus to even more platforms, including the Switch.

Leaks have already suggested that a mobile version of the game is being prepared, but what about a Switch version? While there haven't been many concrete hints towards a MultiVersus Switch version, fans can hold out hope for a future release.

If you like the crazy selection of characters in MultiVersus, be ready for these amazing additions to the roster:

Huynh has spoken multiple times about the desire of the team to bring MultiVersus to the Switch. They originally wanted to launch the game on Switch as well, but had to cut the port due to limited resources:

When Is MultiVersus Coming To Switch

It is still unclear when MultiVersus will come to Switch, but developer Player First Games seems determined to port the game to the Nintendo console. However, it might take a while. MultiVersus season 1 just started, bringing a new character with Morty and tons of balancing changes, as well as other types of new content. The development team still seems to be pretty small and their priorities lie in keeping the game solid before tackling a MultiVersus Switch port.

But the dream is not dead yet, we might still see the big clash between MultiVersus and Smash. Tony Huynh confirmed that while the team is busy working on the current state of the game, a Switch port is still possible in the future:

So a MultiVersus Switch version still seems possible and even probable. We just don't know when yet.