MultiVersus Has Peaked At Insane Player Count

MultiVersus has raked in quite a huge following and has even surpassed a few other games that have been on the market for much longer. But hat player milestone has MultiVersus passed now?

Multiversus characters all
How many players does MultiVersus have? | © Player First Games

MultiVersus has swept the world since it's release only three weeks ago. If you're wondering which characters are available, as well as everything else about Season 1 of MultiVersus, then don't worry we've got you covered here at EarlyGame.

But guys, now it's time for the serious business once more. MultiVersus is one of the best performing games right now. Who cares about League of Legends and the Udyr rework when you can beat the living crap out of LeBron James with none other than Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. But how many other people have found this amusing?

MultiVersus Breaks the 100 Million Player Mark

Yes, you read that right, MultiVersus has over 100 Million players already. According to, the game has hit a huge milestone and that all within 3-weeks upon release. Step aside Smash Bros. we've got a new platform fighter in town.

Seriously, looking at we can see that MultiVersus has 10,329,004 players as of writing this article and we're sure that this number is only going to go up. So, if you want to stay ahead of the meta, make sure to check out some of our MultiVersus guides so you can be a pro against so many other players.

Can we trust though? Yes, the tracker access the game's API to pull its information, so the number above should be pretty darn accurate which is just insane when you think about how new the game even is and how it's taken off. But then again, the nostalgia factor with many of the characters probably hits home. Now imagine how many more players you could get if Walter White was added...

EVO 2022 Performance Boosts MultiVersus

MultiVersus was also at EVO 2022 in Las Vegas this year with a $10 K prize pool at the event. The showing of two underdogs who managed to take home the money must have given the game a boost as well, and also given it some credibility. With Smash Bros. not part of EVO anymore, MultiVersus could take its place at future events, right?

Now Season 1 just has to arrive and then we can finally get to gaming and boasting about our score on Wonder Woman... or maybe I'll start off with Taz before I try any of the more difficult characters in the game, eh?