MultiVersus Shaggy Guide: Best Moves, Specials & Perks

In MultiVersus, Shaggy is the default fighter. See here how you can master everything the likeable doofus from Scooby-Doo has to offer. We will also show you the best perks and some strategies you should consider during fights.

Multi Versus Shaggy Guide
MultiVersus: Shaggy ain't nothing to f-k with. | © WB

MultiVersus has a lot of different characters from all kinds of franchises, so who would you pick as your default fighter? Your Ryu, your Jin, who should represent a game like this? Of course... Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Who else? Shaggy is your standard fighter in the game, the one you control in the tutorial and get to fight with first. And he is also pretty good in general. He is a decent all-rounder, who doesn't necessarily excel in any particular area, but who is capable in most areas of the game's combat.

Shaggy is a decent pick in the current meta and a lot of people will want to play as him, so we will show you everything you need to know to become the grand master of Shaggy. We will show you an overview of Shaggy in MultiVersus, show you all of his moves and specials, as well as some good combos and the best perks setup.

MultiVersus Shaggy: Overview

In the game, Shaggy is a bruiser, meaning that he deals heavy melee damage while also having a good amount of health. He has a number of great attacks, which can quickly raise the percentage of enemies. His different special moves are great for dealing out some brutal eliminations. You will want to stick close to your enemies and always be aware of the composition on the field, so you know which attack to use for a potential KO.

The main gimmick of Shaggy in MultiVersus is his rage mode, where he turns into Ultra Instinct Shaggy. This is not just a wonderful meme, but also gives the character a bit of a nice shake-up from the rest of his fairly standard kit. If you manage to fill Shaggy's rage meter, he will literally go Super Saiyan and engulf himself in flames. In this state, his attacks become much stronger and the range is extended as well. The rage is either filled passively, or by holding the Special button. Shaggy's allies can also get a rage buff.

Also, hot tip: If you want to fight with a shirtless Shaggy, his default up taunt makes him rip his shirt off... worth it, trust me.

All Moves & Specials

Next to his standard attacks, Shaggy also has some cool special attacks. Here are all moves and specials for Shaggy:

Move GroundAir
Neutral AttackKnuckle Sandwich: Charge up a powerful punch. During charging Shaggy has armorFlurrious Feet: A flurry of kicks below him that hit multiple times and breaks armor
Side AttackCombo Meal: A flurry of punches, followed up by a headbuttLike, Knee Strike: A fast knee forward attack that can be charged
Up Attack

Like, Overhead Swing: Charge up an overhead swing

Flying Slacker Smack: A sweeping swing above Shaggy
Down AttackPower Stomp: Charge up a stomp that breaks armor. After hitting an enemy, press input again to combo into a clap attack that applies slow to enemiesGet Down, Man: Shaggy uses a two-handed pound attack to knock enemies downward.
Neutral SpecialZoinks: Charge to build up Shaggy's rage. After fully charged up, Shaggy enters rage mode and gives a buf to allies. He also drops a Scooby Snack that slightly heals whoever picks it up.Zoinks: Same as ground attack
Side SpecialChiller Instinct Kick: Shaggy does a flying kick forward.Chiller Instinct Kick: Same as ground attack
Up SpecialPower Uppercut: Shaggy does a flying uppercut launching himself into the air. The rage version hits multiple times.Power Uppercut: Very similar to ground attack, without hitting multiple times in rage mode.
Down SpecialLike, Feed The Hunger: Shaggy picks up a sandwich. Press again to throw the sandwich. In rage mode, the sandwich will do more damage. Can heal allies that are hit by the sandwich. If not holding a sandwich, Shaggy deals a slam attack similar to the Aerial Down Special.Like, C'Mere Man: Shaggy launches himself towards the ground gaining armor and hits nearby enemies. During rage: will create a shockwave projectile that hits multiple times. If sandwich is equipped, then Shaggy will throw sandwich instead.

As you can see, Shaggy is pretty versatile. He has strong attacks for every situation and every direction, whether you need to swat someone down from the air (Power Uppercut or Overhead Swing), edge guard (Get Down, Man) or just knock someone off stage (Like, Knee Strike).

Make sure you use these different abilities to keep enemies away from you so that you get enough time to charge up Shaggy's rage. You will obviously be a target while charging, so you need to be careful about that. The rage bonus is so strong though, that it is always worth going for.

Multi Versus Shaggy Gameplay
Let's kick some butt! | © Player First Games

Best Perks

Shaggy has two signature perks in MultiVersus:

  • One Last Zoinks: Shaggy receives the rage ability automatically after passing 100 damage.
  • Hangry Man: Consume the sandwich to quickly charge his rage.

Both of these perks are pretty good for the preferred Shaggy playstyle. Like we said, you should focus on having his rage up as high as possible. You can pick either one really, if you want a stronger sandwich buff than obviously go for Hangry Man, if you're better at dealing damage, then pick One Last Zoinks.

In terms of the general perks, we recommend this setup:

Perk NamePerk Effect
Last StandYour team deals 10% increased damage after reaching 100 damage
Snowball EffectYour team deals 7% increased damage against the fighter with the highest damage.
Leg Day ChampYour team deals 15% increased damage for 10 seconds after an ally is rung out.

With this setup, you boost your team's damage quite heavily. Since Shaggy is a good damage dealer, without too many support abilities, these perks are perfect to get the most out of your team's damage potential.

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