Asmongold & More Call Out Twitch For Predatory Ad Incentives

For a while now, Twitch has been pushing Ads on Twitch, but this is getting crazy!

Asmongold Ad Incetives
These Ad Incentives Are Getting Out Of Hand | © Twitch/Asmongold

Twitch just announced their new ad incentive program to a large group of streamers. Some of the platform's largest creators, like Asmongold, SweetAnita etc. are not too happy about the incentives, calling them disrespectful.

As the name suggests, the new program is trying to provide incentives for streamers, to run more ads per hour, by offering them large sums of money per month. This sum increases the more ads you run per hour. This program goes up to 10 minutes per hour!

A large portion of streamers are upset by this new advertisements program, one of the biggest being Asmongold.

What Asmongold is talking about is, that Twitch is offering some streamers up to $44,321.00 as an incentive, to run 6 minutes of ads per hour, streaming 155 hours a month. That's more than some people earn in a year! I get why he is seriously concerned, that this might become the new norm. Same thing happened with sponsored videos or streams.

On the other hand, who would watch a channel that runs more ads, than cable TV? People switched to streaming shows, to avoid that sh*t! And because it allows them to decide what to watch, themselves.

Twitch Offering Inconsistent Incentives

Where Twitch fails once more, proving their inconsistency extends past banning, is in providing appropriate incentives. For some streamers, like SweetAnita, they were offering less money for more ads. For others, like Distortion2, they offered him $10 more for tripling his ads.

I get, why some streamers call these incentives disrespectful. For others, though, it can be hard to turn down the huge amounts of money they are offered.