YouTube Banned A Whole Community For The 18+ Splatoon Challenge

YouTube recently banned a large community of VTubers over a challenge they started on stream. The funny thing is, this happened because of something they did while playing Splatoon 3. And to be honest, what they did is kind of creative. But Nintendo was absolutely not happy about this.

Splatoon 3
Splatoon is sexy now | © Nintendo

The VTubing group Sinsogumi have been banned on YouTube, for streaming adult movies in Splatoon 3. Uhm, how do you do that? Asking for a friend. The group was doing a challenge, where every group member would compete against each other, to see who gets banned last. So they kinda knew what was going to happen. The Challenge was dubbed "Splatoon Adult Video", or "Splatton AV" on Twitter and started trending on social media.

Gotta keep it PG, if you're streaming my guys. Just create an OnlyFans for the spicy stuff:

This is how they did it: if you set your ink transparency to zero you can use the inked spaces, kind of like a green screen, to broadcast anything you want. The idea is absolutely genius, but this fun little competition might have had some serious consequences.

Nintendo and YouTube Take Action After VTubers Show Adult Videos In Splatoon 3

The VTubers not only got banned on YouTube, even Nintendo is threatening legal actions, as the group violated their rules of conduct:

Use that violates public order and morals, acts that intentionally mislead the rules of the game, acts that significantly damage the value
of the game or characters and the world, and acts that encourage or take advantage of them will be deleted or legally enforced

So yeah, not hard to understand how streaming porn, using the game mechanics, breaks these rules. And as it says, Nintendo reserve the right to pursue legal action. So Sinsogumi really had it coming with this one.

Not all VTubers push boundaries like that though:

The leader of the VTuber group, Ikinone Tomeru has since uploaded an apology video, but I don't think it really worked for her or the group. Several Vtubers who participated in the "Splatoon AV" challenge have been banned by YouTube and the accounts of Ikinone Tomeru and Kikaze Kimono were completely deleted. Seems like this wasn't their first offense, as the reason for their complete annihilation were "multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content".

Get f*cked, I guess.

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