Nintendo Is Out of Control. Again.

The fun-loving, sharing and caring Nintendo are at it again: Taking down fan-content in an attempt to endear themselves to the many who are already fed up with their BS.

Nintendo muisc youtube copyright strike
No more Nintendo music on YouTube. | © YouTube, Nintendo

Just a couple of days ago, Nintendo came after a Pokémon shooter that went viral: In a fan-made game, you could legit hunt down Pokémon in first-person, blood and all. In a way, it's understandable that Nintendo took down that shooter, in order to preserve that family-friendly nature of their IP, but it's still sad, considering that other publishers like CDPR, openly support a fan-made NSFW Cyberpunk dating spin-off called Cyberbang 2069.

Nintendo Shuts Down YouTube Channels

Now, Nintendo has aimed their sights at channels streaming soundtracks from their games. Yes, the beautiful Nintendo melodies, inducing nostalgia and bliss, can no longer be listened to on YouTube. Is Nintendo entitled to doing this? Yes. Does it make sense to take this pleasure away from fans? Absolutely not. Nintendo is rolling in cash, and, what's worse, has given us no alternative to listen to Nintendo tunes. In essence, they're taking away from loving fans, and... and that's it, actually: They're just taking something away that we love.

Now, if you're an economical thinker, you might be thinking: "Well, these folks profit from music that Nintendo owns the copyright to, and it's only understandable that Nintendo puts an end to this." That would make sense if it were so, but the YouTube channels taken down by Nintendo did not profit from the music streams in any way.

Once again, Nintendo proves that they are so incredibly out of touch with their fanbase that it's slightly worrying. While other companies go out of their way to please fans, Nintendo seems to be hellbent on doing the opposite.