Stray Could Come To Switch Soon

A Nintendo Switch version of Stray could be coming soon, as the game might not be PlayStation-exclusive forever. How likely is a Stray Switch version?

Stray has taken over the gaming world by storm. We loved Stray, and so did everyone else. Everyone and their mom played the cute cat adventure, one of the loveliest and most wholesome games of the year. Or did they? While it might not seem that way, not everyone had access to Stray since release, as it came out exclusively on PC, PS4, PS5.

While we all had a good time with the cyberpunk cat game, Xbox- and Switch players were left in the cold rain. However, that might change soon: a Switch version of Stray might already be in development.

Stray Switch Version Possibly Coming In The Future

There is currently no version of Stray for Nintendo Switch, but hope for a release on the Japanese publisher's handheld console is not completely lost yet. That is due to a small detail in the very first teaser trailer for the game, released in 2020. Check out the teaser here:

At the end of the trailer, you can briefly see the message "Console exclusive for a limited time" displayed, strongly suggesting that Stray will come to consoles other than the PlayStation. Publisher Annapurna Interactive seem to have made a deal with Sony for time-limited exclusivity, which we see a lot of in gaming nowadays.

Will Stray Come To Nintendo Switch?

While it looks like Stray will lose its console exclusivity and will most likely come to Xbox, it is not clear yet whether there will be Stray on Nintendo Switch. The console hardware is strongly outdated and Stray is a gorgeous game, featuring impressive 3D graphics.

However, the system requirements for Stray are quite low on PC. So maybe there is hope for a Stray Switch port, that could run the game. Otherwise, several games have a so-called "Cloud Version" on the Switch, where the game is streamed to the console. Considering the huge success of Stray, and the reputation of the Switch as a great home for indie games, we expect that all involved parties will try to get the cat game to the console.