Stray: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

Have you ever wondered what a dystopian-cyberpunk city would look like from the view of a cat? Well, BlueTwelve Studios has wondered. This small development team is bringing gamers Stray, an upcoming adventure game that requires the talents of a badass kitty. So, are you ready?
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Stray is a third-person adventure exploration game in a dystopian world | © BlueTwelve Studios and Annapurna Interactive

Amongst the daunting number of AAA Games coming out in 2022, there’s a captivating game called Stray from BlueTwelve Studio that focuses on a dystopian setting. But this isn’t Cyberpunk 2077; we’re not controlling some badass soldier. Instead, Stray is centered around an adorable cat who’s been separated from his family, and we’ll help him return home by exploring this dystopian landscape.

It’s an abnormal concept for a linear-exploration game, but the gameplay footage shown by BlueTwelve Studios suggests that the experience will be far more emotional & immersive than expected. The gameplay trailer showed that the development delays announced by BlueTwelve Studios last year we're worth it.

Stray has an incredible sense of beauty that progresses throughout the game. Every environment has a unique affection that’s described through a stunning color palette that transcends Stray to an unexpected level.

Trust us; you’ll be interested in purchasing this game. Stray is going to provide an experience that nobody could’ve foreseen.

Is Stray Coming Out In 2022?

BlueTwelve Studios and Annapurna Interactive have confirmed that Stray will release on July 19th, 2022. It will launch on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Stray was initially meant to launch as a digital-exclusive game. However, Annapurna Interactive and Iam8Bit announced that they are releasing a physical-based version of Stray. This isn’t the first time these gaming companies have worked together, and it won’t be the last.

Game Setting, Story, And Everything We Know About Stray So Far | All Leaks & Rumors

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This kitty will explore numerous alleyways in this long-forgotten dystopian city. | © BlueTwelve Studios and Annapurna Interactive

BlueTwelve Studios have developed an incredible third-person adventure game set within a decaying dystopian landscape. But wait, an unforeseen mystery is occurring throughout this long-forgotten cybercity, and it’s our job to uncover this ancient mystery, or there’ll be no leaving this town.

It’s promised that we’ll see this world through the eyes of a stealthy, agile, and adventurous cat. BlueTwelve Studios has promised that we’ll interact with the environment in unexpected ways and meet companions that will assist our feline friend along the way.

Catlike skillsets are utilized throughout Stray to solve various puzzles, while parkour movements are employed to traverse the landscape. Enemies lurk within the shadows, and they’ll attack within a moment's notice. If you don’t consider this, undesirable circumstances could befall our feline friend.

Interestingly enough, the whole premise of Stray started with the cat returning home to his family. But BlueTwelve Studios would expand upon this concept to create an expansive game that has everyone interested, including ourselves.

Who Is B-12 In Stray?

B-12 is an automated-intelligence drone that assists our stray cat along his journey by interacting with various objects throughout the dystopian cybercity. But things get better, as B-12 is capable of talking with the residents of Stray.

You’ll learn the secrets of this ancient mystery by talking to residents and exploring various environments with the assistance of B-12. For instance, our robotic drone will eventually gain powers that allow us to eliminate our enemies. Without this sentient drone, our feline friend wouldn’t ever make it back home.

Is Stray Getting Released Onto The Xbox Series X/S And PC?

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Neon lighting is utilized by BlueTwelve Studios to create an immersive environment in Stray | © BlueTwelve Studios and Annapurna Interactive

Unfortunately, BlueTwelve Studios and Annapurna Interactive haven’t mentioned anything about Stray coming to the Xbox Series X/S. For consoles, Stray is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Supporters of Microsoft needn’t worry if they have access to a gaming computer, as Stray is being launched for the Steam PC platform. And guess what? The game is reasonably priced at:

  • 36.99 CAD
  • 26.99 USD

Pricing throughout the United Kingdom and Europe differs based on your chosen retailer. Remember, retailers, sell online codes for the PS5 & PS4. You aren’t limited to buying directly from Sony.

Is Stray Part Of PS+ On PS5?

You won’t need to worry about pricing if you’re subscribed to PS+ Extra or Premium. The game will be available for free download on July 19th, 2022.

It’s noted that you will lose access to playing Stray when unsubscribing to PS+ Extra or Premium. You’re technically renting Stray when subscribing to the PlayStation Plus Pass.

Game Trailer

BlueTwelve Studios went above & beyond when releasing the official gameplay trailer for Stray. It provided an extensive amount of gameplay footage and showed the beauty of this upcoming game. As you’ll see, Stray is something everyone should play at least once. It is going to be one hell of an adventure game.

Game System Requirements

BlueTwelve Studios and Annapurna Interactive have confirmed the minimum & recommended game system requirements for Stray. Anyone maintaining these GPUs, CPUs, or higher, will be capable of playing Stray on their PC.

Minimum System Requirements

CategorySystem Requirement
Operating SystemWindows 10 & Windows 11 (64-Bit)
CPUIntel Core i5-2550K / AMD FX-8350
Storage Space10GB
Hi-Rez Assets CacheTBC
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti / AMD Radeon R7 360
Video MemoryDirectX - Version 12
Graphics DriverTBC

Recommended System Requirements

CategorySystem Requirement
Operating SystemWindows 10 & Windows 11 (64-Bit)
CPUIntel Core i5-8400 / AMD Ryzen 5 260
Storage Space10GB
Hi-Rez Assets CacheTBC
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 / AMD Radeon R9 290X
Video MemoryDirectX - Version 12
Graphics DriverTBC