Stray: Playtime and Chapter List

Stray is finally here and many gamers are quite excited about it. In this article we'll tell you more about Stray's playtime and give you a complete chapter list of Annapurna Interactive's cat game.

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Stray's Playtime isn't overwhelming, but you can still have lots of fun in the 12 chapters. | © Annapurna

Stray is a new Action-Adventure game that was released to PS4, PS5 and PC on July 19 and is set in a cyberpunk world, where you play as a cat. Obviously that sounds amazing, but many potential players are wondering about one question: how long will the playtime be for Stray? How long will it take us to finish the game? We already know the answer.

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Stray: The Playtime

Stray is around 6-8 hours long. This was revealed by publisher Annapurna Interactive on Twitter.

That is pretty sizeable, especially considering that Stray is not a full-price title. If you don't want to pay anything extra for the game, you can get PS Plus Premium or Extra: It's confirmed that Stray will be available on PS Plus for no additional cost.

Stray Chapter List

In Stray you'll can meow yourself through a total of 12 chapters (levels), which are the following:

  1. Inside The Wall
  2. Dead City
  3. The Flat
  4. The Slums
  5. Rooftops
  6. The Slums – Part 2
  7. Dead End
  8. The Sewers
  9. Antvillage
  10. Midtown
  11. Jail
  12. Control Room

The publisher also emphasizes, that it will take even longer to beat Stray, if you're going for all the collectibles in the game. We don't know exactly what these collectibles we be and for how long they will extend the Stray playtime. But considering the huge amount of creativity throughout the game, we are excited to see what they came up with here.

If you want to know everything about Stray, from details about gameplay, setting and more, check out our dedicated article on the game.