Indiefoxx Finally Reveals The Reason For Her Permaban

After Indiefoxx's indefinite ban, there was a lot of speculation as to what might have been the reason. Now Indiefoxx finally reveals why she was perma banned on Twitch

Indiefoxx perma ban
It took Twitch long enough. | © Indiefoxx via Twitch

Popular ASMR and hot tub streamer Indiefoxx was banned more often in a single year than most other streamers have been in their entire career. Most of the time she got unbanned rather quickly. Until she didn't! Now the popular OF model and former streamer has finally opened up about the reason behind her permaban.

We even had to take her off this list:

Before her untimely demise on Twitch, Indiefoxx was a rising star on the platform, even competing with Twitch star Amouranth, for the title of hot tub queen.

Ultimately she lost, though, which might in fact might be, due to her indefinite ban. How can you compete, when you can't even participate?

Now after over a year of uncertainty, Indiefoxx, now going by the name 'JenFoxxUwUm', revealed why she got permanently banned on Twitch.

Indiefoxx Got Banned Because Of A Wardrobe Malfunction

On the No Jumper podcast, Indiefoxx revealed that the reason she got banned on Twitch for was a wardrobe malfunction. The yoga pants she was wearing at the time were too tight...

Indiefoxx Ban
When the leggings are just a little too tight. | © Indiefoxx

Maybe buy new yoga pants. These one actually have pockets!

Her reaction to this was not, to wear fitting yoga pants, but rather to stuff toilet paper into the pants. Her side of things is actually pretty hilarious:

“I put toilet paper down there, but because of the seam, it moved the toilet paper to the side, so it looked like I had a dick because I
tried to cover it up."

Twitch has been criticized for their double standards a lot, but permabanning someone for accidentally showing a camel toe, while other streamers smash on stream and get unbanned after just 7 days, is ridiculous.

Obviously masturbating on stream still gets you a permaban though:

I guess we can agree, that permanently banning Indiefoxx for her wardrobe malfunction was a little excessive, but it seems as if Twitch just really wanted to get rid of her. Her defense, though, is a little lackluster.

If I was an employee of a company and they fired me because of my outfit, that would be an HR situation.

I mean, come on, that comparison just doesn't work. First off, streaming is not a normal office job and Twitch didn't fire you, they deny you the use of their platform, which is their right.

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People ban users in their chat for saying stupid sh*t they don't like, Twitch bans streamers for doing stupid sh*t they don't like, it's that simple.

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