Twitch Streamer Gets Banned After Sexual Act Going Viral

Twitch Streamer aielieen1 got banned after showing sexually explicit content live in front of thousands of viewers.

Twitch User Banned
This girl gets banned for streaming sexual content | © Twitch

In recent weeks, there has been some controversy surrounding the livestreaming platform Twitch. Recently, there was another very controversial incident. A Twitch user streamed sexually explicit content and got banned after it went viral.

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Stream Of Pornographic Content Goes Viral On Twitch

There are a lot of issues with Twitch. One is that channels can start streaming right after they get created. That leads to a lot of trolls who are streaming explicit or even offensive and violent content on new accounts. This has happened before in 2019, where trolls flooded the category "Artifact", a Dota 2 trading card game, with inappropriate streams of violent, sexual and copyrighted content.

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On November 3, the account "aielieen1" was created, and right after that the owner started streaming pornographic content. Without a viral Reddit post promoting this stream, the number of viewers would have remained at a few hundred. But thanks to this Reddit post, the girl in the stream suddenly had thousands of viewers.

this girl masturbating in front of 5k+ viewers rn from LivestreamFail

It wasn't long before her account was banned from Twitch for the sexual content and for violating the community guidelines. Incidents like this are nothing new on Twitch and have happened before. Time and again, pornographic streams appear on the platform and are banned again after a short time. However, this ban often only lasts 7 days, so the user can violate the guidelines again after just one week. In this case, it looks like the user aielieen1 has done this before or is planning to reappear on Twitch with another account.

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This problem is simply unacceptable and Twitch really needs to work on it.
Accounts that have just been created should not be able to start streaming immediately. It's far too easy for Twitch trolls to distribute inappropriate content on a platform that is also used by minors.