Twitch Drops Explained: What They Are And How To Get Them

You might have experienced that sometimes a game offers additional content or rewards through Twitch drops. But what is that exactly? Find out here.

Twitch Drops
What are Twitch Drops anyway? | © 2022 Twitch Interactive, Inc.

Many games like Modern Warfare, Overwatch, or Fortnite are implementing Twitch drops for their players to collect rewards like skins, loot boxes, and other collectibles for free. But if you never heard of this term before, it can be very confusing. Here is everything about Twitch drops and how they work.

What Are Twitch Drops?

Twitch drops help game developers, Twitch streamers, and Twitch itself achieve various goals. And meanwhile, the player/viewer is being rewarded, so everyone is happy. But how do they work exactly?

Well, a game company can make Twitch drops for exclusive game content, that can be collected by players for watching a live stream of their game for a specific time. Not only does a game company keep their players in the game, because they want to collect rewards for free, but they also get new people interested in the game, because they might have watched the Twitch stream by coincidence.

Twitch streamers also benefit from twitch drops because they get more viewers for a certain time, but after the drop, some of the viewers might stay permanently because they like their content.

The drops don't even harm the player, because they can get rewards for a game they like, only for watching a live stream. Players don't even have to actively watch the live stream, they can just let it play on the side. In most cases, however, people will take a closer look and ideally find that they enjoy watching the live stream and may even remain viewers after the drop is over.

How To Get Twitch Drops

Every live stream on Twitch that has Twitch drops needs to have a little tag in the name, that says "drops enabled". You can also use filters to search for the tag "drops enabled" when viewing a category.

If you found a live stream, that includes the tag, take a look at the text-box, that appeared on top of the chat. Here you'll also find information about the Drops campaign – including how long you have to watch to earn a reward.

If your favorite game currently has Twitch drops you want to claim, be sure to link your Twitch account to your game account so that the rewards for watching a live stream can be easily transferred to your game. When watching, you can always check your profile under the Drops menu to see your progress in unlocking the reward.

After you have watched the live stream long enough, you can just click on the drop to claim your reward, and that's it.

Great! Now you know all about Twitch drops and how to get them. Be sure to check out our game categories if you want to know if there are any twitch drops for your favorite games right now.