The xQc Relationship Drama Explodes As NYYXXII And Adept Are Now Teaming Up

It looks like popular Canadian Streamer xQc and NYYXXII are going their separate ways, after his ex Adeptthebest called her from his phone, accusing him of cheating.

xQc and NYXXII break up
Sad to see twins fight | © xQc via Twitch, NYYXXII via Instagram

At the beginning of November, popular streamer xQc dropped an absolute bombshell on his viewers, revealing his new supposed girlfriend NYYXXII on stream. These rumors now got completely shut down, as xQc clarified on stream, that the two of them had broken up. Now it looks like his ex Adeptthebest and NYYXXII are teaming up against the Juicer.

On November 1, it became public that the two of them were dating, after they kissed on stream and overall were giving each other heart-eyes. At that time, X was still denying that the two of them were in a relationship.

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On November 16, A bot on Twitter noticed, that xQc unfollowed NYYXXII, starting rumors, that the two of them had broken up.

At first, this sounded ridiculous, but just a day later, xQc not only confirmed that he and NYYXXII had been in a relationship, but also that the two of them had in fact broken up.

xQc Reveals Why He And NYYXXII Broke Up

As for the reason, X stated, that his ex Adeptthebest, and her cheating allegations against him, were the reason for their breakup.

Not the worst allegations that have come up, but still bad:

After the rumors of the break-up, DMs were leaked in which NYXXII claims, that Adept had called her from xQc's phone, saying he was lying to her. X confirmed, that his ex called NYYXXII, but denies any allegations of cheating on Adept.

In his words, xQc states, that he started seeing NYYXXII two days after he and Adept broke-up, so it was a "close-call" but says he has nothing to hide and doesn't care about the leak.

As to how it was even possible for Adept to call his new girlfriend from his phone, X claims, that he allowed her to go through his phone, where she saw a message from NYXXII she apparently didn't take too well.

NYYXXII Is Now Following Adept On Twitter

We have been waiting for a reaction to xQc's statements by NYYXXII or Adept, but so far none of the two have directly addressed it.

What we do have, though, is a Tweet by NYYXXII, in which she describes how she doesn't want any beef with Adept and is sorry for what happened.

It seems like xQc's two exes are now cool with each other, which doesn't look too good for the Juicer.

It looks like more drama is unfolding behind the scenes as X skipped a day of streaming, which is something unheard of unless he is pretty much dying. The reason seems to be that "things kinda exploded" offline, which became even more obvious when he had an absolute meltdown in his offline chat.


This sounds absolutely crazy and will probably lead to a sh*t ton of drama. Looks like X is under a lot of pressure and close to just exploding.

What kinda crazy shit is he referring to? We will obviously update you all on this as soon as he actually leaks anything, so stay tuned.

This month has been wild already, but at least we don't have broken bones like last month, yet: