Ludwig's Subathon 2.0 Was A Big W For Charity

Ludwig's Subathon was one of the biggest events on Twitch in recent years. By staying online for a month, he broke Ninja's record and became the most subscribed streamer on the popular streaming platform. Now he did it all over again, this time on YouTube.

Ludwig Subathon 2.0
Guess who's back, back again.

Ludwig likes to include crazy challenges and events into his streams, that get viewers riled up and involved. His Subathon in 2021 launched his sub count to the number 1 spot in Twitch.

Now, he completed his Subathon 2.0 with the goal of raising money for charity. He managed to raise more than $300K and with that completely crushed his original goal of $100k.

Ludwig with the Mogul Moves, breaking records:

Ludwig's Subathon 2.0 Felt Like An Episode Of Black Mirror

After his month-long Subathon in 2021 Ludwig swore to never do that again, until he did. His goal this time ... only 50 hours? Okay I know this doesn't sound impressive like, at all, but it is Ludwig so obviously there is some kind of crazy challenge with this one.

Always love streamers that are up for a good challenge:

The twist this time was, that Ludwig spent those 50 hours locked in a windowed room, at Dreamhack Atlanta, like a zoo animal.

So people could just watch him live on stream, but also IRL. Imagine walking into Dreamhack Atlanta and Ludwig just looks at you like:

Silence of the Lambs
Hope he has some good Hannibal quotes ready | © Orion Pictures

Walking into Dreamhack Atlanta, feeling like Clarice Sterling when she visits Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.

The goal for this Subathon wass to raise money for charity, to be exact $100,000 for Alveus Sanctuary and No Kid Hungry.

So Ludwig is suffering for a good cause at least, and for entertainment, I guess.

The Crazy thing is, Ludwig reached that goal within the very first day! Ultimately, he was able to raise $314,170.01. I guess that's perfect, because that means both charity organizations get their own $157,085.005. Very cool.

To keep things interesting, there are donation goals, that, when met, cause some kinda madness to happen.

We've seen how entertaining streams like this can be, with Jerma's dollhouse stream, and Ludwig's Subathon 2.0 is not disappointing. This dude just doesn't miss.

So far he had to get dressed as a clown, cake in the face included, got shot by T-Pain with a paintball gun, received a brand new ugly ass haircut, got his armpit waxed and now has to get a Tattoo of the Twitch Logo and his Cat, Coots on his freaking palm.

Bro is really suffering from his own success...

Seriously, this is how Ludwig looked just 2 hours into the stream: