IShowSpeed Causes Shitstorm For Promoting Shady Crypto Project

IShowSpeed got called out by some of his fans for pushing a controversial cryptocurrency. Speed doesn't appear too happy about that.
IShowSpeed Cryptoscam
The left dude looks like Cristiano Ronaldo... | © IShowSpeed via YouTube

YouTuber IShowSpeed recently caused a shitstorm by apparently promoting a crypto scheme on his channel. When fans voiced their criticism, he asked his moderators to ban them.

He was also involved in some drama last month:

Speed is one of the biggest streamers on the platform and dominates against tough competition like Ludwig, DrDisrespect.

This 17-year-old kid looks like he is on a mission to make every stream more chaotic and destructive than the last. I mean, he lit fireworks IN HIS ROOM for f*cks sake. It doesn't take a degree to know that's a bad idea.

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IShowSpeed Under Fire For Crypto "Scam"

Now it seems like he might have overdone it, though, as fans are outraged at his recent stream. On November 16, Speed did a PS5 giveaway during is broadcast. Sounds good so far, right? Problem is, he was also promoting the 'Paradox Metaverse', a game in which you can earn a cryptocurrency called 'Paradox Coin'.

When fans called him out for promoting crypto, Speed wasn't too happy about it and asked his mods to ban them from the chat.

The fact that y’all would ever even think of me like that [...] I don’t even know if y’all are trolls or not, but the fact that you guys would ever think of me like that is kinda f*cked up. It’s kinda making my feelings hurt

The fact that he doesn't really defend himself and just starts banning his critics doesn't really prove his point, though. If it wasn't really a crypto "scam", why get that upset about it?

I guess, if you watch this clip, it makes sense why Speed got that upset. Kid was pressured A LOT by this crypto company:

Pushing cryptocurrency has been used by popular influencers to scam people before, so the reaction from his chat is understandable.

So far, Speed hasn't really defended himself any further, and just banning his critics does a sh*t job in making him look more credible.

It seems like he realized that himself, as he recently apologized to his fanbase, saying:

I made a little mistake that I wish I never did, but I’m not a scammer, bro. [There’s not a] day in my life I would never scam you guys. Just remember that, bro… I care about you guys so freaking much. I love y’all so much, bro

Yeah, right. Right after he probably realized that just banning people won't help, he is backtracking. I don't know man, feels like he is leaving a sinking ship.

It looks like Speed's fan base accepted the apology, as he bounces back from the shitstorm he caused. Let's see if the same goes for his crypto partners, though.

Scandals popping up left and right this month:

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